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Quiz night shock! no Kit Kat

February 13, 2013

One wheel on my wagon, but I’m still rolling along, or rather one wheel off the temperance wagon to which I have been hitched for the past 36 hours. I have to report that it was not down to me, I was as determined as it is possible to be, to complete the three-day marathon. That Nice Lady Decorator wanted me to go with her and do some shopping in Arundel, and when I declined to accompany her owing to the fact that I would rather rip my own eyes out than willingly go shopping, she found the fatal flaw on my defence: we could also go for a pint somewhere? It was at that moment my iron discipline began showing signs of rust, then metal fatigue, then collapse completely.

So a trek around all 6 shops in the town came to an end when we found that The Kings Arms was open and serving, as I may have mentioned before, the worlds best beer, London Pride. So what was a man to do? Having cycled furiously in the morning, gaining some kudos and doubtless losing several kilos en route, I was undone by a late afternoon decision, to which I was not a part, which I have to say undermined my resolve to be thin and fit before skiing.

Whilst communing with ale we met a chap at the bar who invited us to attend quiz night at the Kings Arms, so at that point, the whole evening was a temperance right off.

Whilst the publication of my picture yesterday of someone, who may or may not have been Mr Clipboard in a state of undress in a snow storm, was an attempt at humour, his publication on his Facebook page of a picture purporting to be me, in a similar state of undress and lying a sled  in a snowstorm was not funny, not me, and a fabrication amounting to libel. My lawyers, Downhill, Frozen and Innocent are looking at this aberration at the moment so as to decide upon what grounds proceedings can be issued.

Arundel Castle

A much more sedate photo today, after that of yesterday, Arundel castle in the gloom

Quiz night was a triumph, at least for one of the teams but I know not which, but at least we avoided the booby prize of 4 Kit Kats, traditionally awarded to the team with the least number of points. Had I known in advance the prize situation for the least competitive, perhaps the result would have been different. That Nice Lady Decorator is partial to a Kit Kat, and I have always liked Marianne Faithful, or perhaps I am mixing up my confectionery   Suffice to say that a great deal of wisdom and knowledge passed me by during the evening in a wonderful warm blast of beer and wine.

But the genie is out of the bag. The plan for three days of abstinence is in tatters and with Sprogs arriving today, I do not see the programme continuing past about 5pm this evening. I love them both dearly but dearly is the operative word. They will be costing me dear for the next 10 days, especially given the current collapse of the value of the £ against the euro. We head for the Channel Tunnel on Friday morning at 8am sharp, with a hotel booked in Beaune on the way down to Meribel. As the chalet is self catering, I decided it would be advisable to stop in one of the better French wine areas, to provision up for the forthcoming week. This is purely a cost saving exercise, and will be a welcome change from the other more enforced form of exercise.

Chris France

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