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Skiing in the nude?

February 12, 2013

It was a big improvement. The wind had dropped but was still raining and then it turned to sleet and then snow. Actually then it gets exciting, will it settle? Answer no, it was just wet and cold as we took a walk on Elmer sands. There was no sand of course because it was high tide, so it was more like Elmer stones.

The temperance has begun as predicted but do you know what? I was content not to have a drink.. Celebrations over the 10 euro win on Sunday went on long into the night, in fact probably well after those celebrating the victory of England over Ireland in the 6 nations rugby. My day lit up when I finally received text from John “800 years of repression” O Sullivan. It just said “lucky bastards” and made no mention of when he would honour his debt. You have no idea how much I have suffered with his Irish contention that all bets made with drink in your hand have to be reconfirmed the next day to be valid, according to him a fact enshrined in Irish law. I have even skied at Isola 2000 in my kilt only to be confronted with that argument.

The launch of the Otway  for an Oscar campaign will now definitely take place at Rado Plage on the beach at Cannes on 18th May. I shall be there, I would not miss it for the world and shortly I shall be able to announce full details of the whole weekends activities, which will involve the 100 Otway;s march down The Croisette, a screening of Otway The Movie and a full show by John Otway and the Big Band somewhere in Cannes. I just need to find a venue, so if anyone knows of somewhere we can stage this on the Saturday evening of 18th May, please get in touch!

I believe that talk of waxing has been misinterpreted. Perhaps I was mumbling, but for a moment I thought I had been booked in for some waxing before setting of to Meribel this coming weekend. My first instinct, that this was some cowardly attack on my luxuriant handlebar moustache, was laid to rest when I realised that it was the skis that were scheduled for the hair removal treatment. We are driving over in the tip, the smelly damp, dog-hair encrusted 4 x 4 owned by that Nice Lady Decorator, that would probably have benefited from a little hair removal itself. Instead it is being stocked up with all manner of foods as this is to be a self catering holiday. This is a bit of a blow. Chalet holidays are usually catered affairs, with lovely breakfasts, dinners and even a cake made by attentive chalet staff, but it appears instead that we are roughing it.

Mr clipbeard naked

Talking of rough, we shall be accompanied by two of the biggest ruffians I know, Mr Clipbeard, who it is rumoured is pictured here at play above on a previous skiing trip (another unfortunate mention of hair) and Slash and Burn Thornton Allan, (both of whom are contented Currencies Direct customers) plus respective gorgeous spouses and a positive gaggle of Sprogs. In all, there will be some 13 of us, so I hope we do not have the bad luck that dogged us when we were last together on the slopes when one of us was caught on camera dancing naked at midnight in a blizzard. I cannot name the guilty party, but I suspect Mr Clipboard will have received a stern talking too from his lovely wife Ashley before he leaves. I do hope so.
Chris France


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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    February 12, 2013 12:00 pm

    Perhaps your friend who runs the theatre company might know of a suitable venue for the Otway bash.


    • February 12, 2013 12:05 pm

      Good idea, but we need somewhere a bit grungy and in the centre of Cannes. Are you coming down old chap?


  2. Rev. Jeff permalink
    February 12, 2013 1:12 pm

    Only with a virus……!


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