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Movember moment

November 27, 2012

Wolf Blass is my favourite Australian wine producer and so, even though I had been therefore some 10 years before,  it would have been churlish not to take up the offer of a free visit and barbecue at this Barossa Valley vineyard. A team outing was what I had in mind, it was only yesterday that I discovered that all teams were going , some 600 people. The event, a giant indoor barbecue took place in a giant air-conditioned hangar but was rescued by the continual stream of Wolf Blass wine and food together with some entertainment. Apart from a quite average Rolling Stones tribute band, The Rocking Stones, and a quite good Australian comic with an eye of having a pop at the British (wearing what that Nice Lady Decorator told him was his “Vomit Jacket” – multi-coloured and gaudy), there were some roving entertainers, best of which was the gay 6 feet 6 inch tall accordionist called Hans, complete with laddered tights and hot pants.  I was going to feature a picture of him “entertaining” a certain peer of the realm but have been talked out of it for the time being whilst I consult my lawyers, and consider whether I want to spend a time in penal servitude.

In its place I have decided to use a picture of two rather attractive blokes sharing a “Movember” moment at the Golden Oldies Cricket Festival opening ceremony. That this may have a gay context is something I deny with every fibre of my being.

Two good-looking chaps exchange pleasantries

Two good-looking chaps exchange pleasantries

The trip up to Wolf Blass had us going past some of the most iconic wine producers in Australia. Seeing the vineyards of Penfolds and Jacobs Creek and other great names from Australian wine only served to sharpen the taste buds, so by the time we got there, on the stroke of midday, it was time to try some from the horse’s mouth as it were.

On the bus trip, the iconic Fraser Hines, already in Australia for a Dr. Who convention (he was the longest-serving companion to the doctor, playing Jamie, the kilted Scottish assistant) was his usual ebullient self, full of one liners. My favourite was when talking about the cricket the day before, to describe a hat-trick (the feat of a bowler taking three wickets with three consecutive deliveries) during the Golden Oldies as a “geriatrick”. Also keeping the coach travellers in good spirits was Ian “duck hat” Sutherland, purely because of his punishment of wearing the duck hat all the way to the wine region.

Departing mid afternoon, we returned to Adelaide to prepare for today’s cricket match against some opposition from New Zealand. It was planned that this should take the form of a couple of drinks and then an early night. Good plan, but one that was destined to fail, so as I write this it is one thirty in the morning, I have paid considerably more attention to the products of the local wine region than I had intended, and I have just set my alarm for 7.30 in order to get a bite to eat before the impossibly early start of 8.25am

This will be the second of our three games, the third being on Friday and it will be hot. Even hotter than Monday, but not as hot as the forecast 39 degrees on Thursday that, if cricket were played, would lead inevitably to casualties to the British contingent. There is a tram system in Adelaide which runs as far as the seaside resort of Glenelg, where I shall be taking cover from the fearsome sun and, no doubt, be relaxing on the beach with some of the local produce and consider the benefits of opening an account with Currencies Direct.

Chris France


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  1. Bruce Midgley permalink
    November 27, 2012 9:38 pm

    Enjoy the beach but remember don’t go swimming. Our great whites have been trained to target pommy cricketers! (along with a bunch of Aussie surfers)


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