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Riviera Woman trap sprung

January 28, 2011

It was all set up for a roasting. No advance warning of what content would be discussed at the Riviera Woman chatroom video shoot yesterday at Brittains restuarant, no advice, nothing.

For those of you who have not followed the background to this event, I was asked to write something for The Riviera Woman, an on-line magazine aimed at the thinking mans woman of the Riviera. I wrote, and to be fair Anna, the editor, published my piece about woman being crap in business because they were more concerned with what people were wearing or how they smelled and what they were wearing than the nub of the deal.

I write these pieces for various magazines in order to promote my activities with Currencies Direct and it is often worthwhile to write something a little controversial.
And so I treated the invitation to take part in a chatroom as a potential minefield with three lucid and opinionated woman circling around a soon to be roasted carcass of male opinion, ie me.

This situation clearly needed defending. As is said many times, the best form of defence is attack. All I was told in advance was that the discussion would be about multitasking, a clear trap as women consider themselves superior in this dark art.

However a little research yesterday morning prior to the event threw up some interest in details; firstly, that multitasking is a myth, we never do 2 things at once, we do one thing and the constantly switch between one thing and another, with women in particular considering that they are multitasking.

A fact that I did not bring up was that Japanese scientists have now created a camera with such an immense shutter speed that it is now possible to take a photograph of a Riviera woman with her mouth closed. (Only joking!)

Another interesting fact is that studies have shown that people juggling several activities at once lose up to 10 IQ points on each activity. Luckily these two facts, and the fact that I was wearing a tie with bananas on it, signifying that I believed it could be a slippery occasion, seemed to do the trick and I think I got away with it. Time will tell if I am going to be stitched up on the editing, but all will be revealed on Feb 1st when the interview will be published.

The British at MIDEM stand in Cannes

With MIDEM finished, I thought it would be nice to show the front desk of our stand, The British At MIDEM where I have been toiling for the past week.

You would have thought that after the week I have had, a quiet healthy day would follow, and that was what was planned but after an evening game of tennis (modesty forbids me to mention that the MOGsdfdS – the mustachioed old gits – are as yet undefeated in 2011) I was about to head home for an early night when the wingco suggested that we go to Opio for a castloulet, a hearty dish traditional in South West France, and the specialty of the l’Oree d’Opio. Suffice to say that with the baleful influence of the wingco, a very considerable amount of wine, also from the same area was consumed, hence once again this morning I had reason to curse the inaccuracy of the bathroom scales. the wingco is to blame, I had nothing to do with it.

Chris France

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