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The Flintstones – Abu Dhabi Do

January 29, 2011

I hear that the Flintstones are not generally well liked in the Arab world except that Abu Dhabi do.

So came the email from Mark Gurdon, who reminds me that we are to go skiing in Limone in Italy in a week or so’s time. This is the week I had set aside in my own mind for my recovery time from the excesses of Xmas and MIDEM, so once again there will be a small delay in my returning to the peak of fitness and finely toned features for which I am justly renowned.

My picture today is my last taken at MIDEM last week. It was taken during one of those onerous meetings in the new part of the Palais around the back when I have been enlightening the music industry to the savings they can make on their foreign exchange transfers by getting Currencies Direct to do it for them. What happened to nice small offices square offices with strip lighting and no windows?

Bloody flagpoles, I would have them out in a jiffy if they were mine

Last night to La Kavanou, the relatively new wine bar in Valbonne after a Guinness refueling stop at the Queens Legs, for a relaxed birthday celebration. As the person whom the celebrations were focussed upon was born in late January, it means that his or her birth sign is Aquarius. I read some years ago that Aquarians are “kind, honest, sincere, generous, tolerant and good-looking”, so the persons whose birthday it was clearly exhibits all these traits.

Amongst the miscreants that were floating about was Maria, the beautiful buxom golfer who regularly adorns the REGS and landlubber golf gatherings, who rather naively asked me if I had seen some of the photos on her Facebook page.

Some of you will be aware that the hardest thing about compiling this column every day is often finding a photo that I can use, so Maria can expect at some stage to find the odd photo from her collection appearing here, a prospect with which she was obviously thrilled.

Today will definitely be a day of recovery before Sunday sees the staging in Valbonne of the Festival of St Blaise. This involves a procession around the old village, and lots if music and an excuse to have lunch outside at the Cafe Des Arcades in the old square. There will be much throwing of mimosa, the bright yellow flower that is in bloom at the moment. It is a tradition to throw these flower laden branches at strangers, which was something of a surprise to me the first year I witnessed it, for a few moments I was able to imagine that perhaps I was the second coming, before coming back down to earth when a particularly large branch hit me squarely in the forehead.

Then from Monday onwards, I promise a week of temperance, quiet contemplation and exercise, well, at least until Tuesday when I think we have a social occasion lined up…

Chris France
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