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Burns night flames

January 27, 2011

In my missive yesterday, I did not go too heavily in the detail of the Burns Night supper at Ma Nolans on the port at Nice, because frankly, I expected to be in no fit state to report to you properly after the event, so I know you will be shocked to discover that this column was posted before it occurred.

I think my picture below gives some indication of the carnage that this event wreaked; how can I have one brown and one black shoe? It is fair to assume I have another pair similar to this at home.

One black one, on brown one. I have another pair quite similar at home

The whole of the last day of MIDEM was marked by me having to explain to my various companions with whom I had met extol the virtues of Currencies Direct why I was not wearing matching shoes. The reason was of course clear. I was so drunk I did not notice that the shoes were different colours, and this was the next morning. However, obviously, that was not my excuse, the real reason used was that the nice lady decorator had screwed up, bring an unmatched pair of shoes to Nice, where we were staying overnight at Hotel Suisse.

I had of course had no time to pack given my punishing MIDEM schedule, so as usual I am blameless for this sartorial faux pas as I rely on my assistant to take care of those details.

My responsibility was to book (and of course pay for) the hotel, which I did in my usual exemplary fashion, as my second picture today shows. One tries to make things as comfortable as possible for one’s partner, although the view was only available to us for the ten minutes between waking up and having to check out.

The bay of Nice from the 5th floor of Hotel Suisse

Before attending my final MIDEM meetings yesterday afternoon, there was just enough time to indulge in Peter Mailes’s favorite pastime, lunch. So, that nice lady decorator and I drove over from Nice to Cannes to lunch at my personal first choice lunch establishment, Rado Plage in Cannes

So there I was, later in the evening, sitting on the sofa at home in the evening contemplating the many successes I had achieved at MIDEM for Currencies Direct last night over a glass of wine. That nice lady decorator is partial to a glass of white wine, and has a habit (when her glass is empty, which happens with alarming consistency) of suggesting that I might refill her glass. She is also in the habit of turning her glass upside down by way of illustration that her glass has nothing in it. Sadly, when she has lunched well – this is code for having consumed a skinful – she is sometimes a little premature with this action, hence my crisp white shirt is now in the washing pile.

So the madness of MIDEM is over until next year and I am missing it already, but today, as you read this, I shall be basting myself for the roasting I expect from the three feminists ranged against me for The Riviera Woman chatroom piece about multi tasking. I deserve all I get but will do my nest to argue on the basis of fact rather than that emotive state often employed by the fairer sex.

Chris France
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3 Comments leave one →
  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    January 27, 2011 11:33 am

    Good luck with the ‘wimmin’ old chap. Might be prudent not to mention the offside law in the current febrile atmosphere!!


  2. Pinman permalink
    January 27, 2011 4:53 pm

    ” I deserve all I get but will do my nest………..”

    Doing your own nest……not even Banjo would do that…!!


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