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The Valbonne Social Report

April 10, 2010

Boys lunch yesterday, organised by “Grand Pu Ba” Peter Lynn, (aka Pierre Le Grande) impossibly tall and posssibly the best joke teller I have ever met, and despite his years, more than I have the heart to mention here, he is the life and soul of the gathering.  A little shaky sometimes, he has the endearing habit (endearing to everyone except long suffering wife Judy) of being able to spill almost anything on his shirt.  We all felt that it was going to be a big day, as he decided to wear a white shirt!  As my progession of pictures show, this turned out to be an inspired choice, so well did the said shirt show off each course!  Talking to Clive Milburn about his boat which is moored at Antibes, I was initially impressed that he had a 34 metre animal, however as it unfolded it was revealed that it is actually 34 feet, so merely a dinghy!  Depressed to find amongst our gathering a number of unenlightened 5th columnists, users inferior and more expensive currency exchange services than the best Currencies Direct.  I now have their emails and, soon I will know where you all live!

Arrived back from lunch to find various gals, including our house guest and WAG, Clair,  arranged decoriously around the pool in various states of undress – very glamourous and a very nice welcome home to an old man full of lunch, but it was not always this glamourous for Clair, indeed I have another picture saved up of her helping to clean the pool the day before!

WAG Float

Last night at the Red Radish Secret Supper Club at a sumptuous villa in Chateauneuf, breathtaking views, big turn out, delectable Indian food and a cigar too far judging by my rather sexy gruff voice this morning.  A busy daty ahead, golf with Dave The Fade and his Landlubber group, followed by a visit to the aforementioned yatch show, mainly to see Blah Blah, the best covers band I have ever seen, if only they did original material, they could have been huge!

Chris France

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