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Valbonne Market in spring

April 9, 2010

Valbonne market in full effect

It is as if God himself has realised what a crap spring he has quite literally rained down on us, clearly those in high places read this blog, so today has dawned clear and sunny, and this WILL continue until next winter! (I hope you are listening up there). The weekly Valbonne market takes over the pretty streets every Friday morning all year around.  There is a fine array of local produce but also some rather nice hand made items, up market clothing and other interesting merchandise, along side the usual market traders.  I have heard that some traders who also attend the Mouans Sartoux market about 4 miles away tend to increase their prices when in Valbonne, but if that is the case then I say it is worth it because the village has such a wonderful ambience.

And so, Friday is upon us, the Auberge St Donat is, as I write, girding itself for the onslaught that is the old gits sorry old boys lunch, but without the wingco this time, he has had to ask to be excused because he is stuck in London.  Poor show I say, and the committee will have to consider action, one cannot have the stalwarts of the luncheon organisation (and especially those that live so near, and own the venue for the traditional post pradial digestive on the terrace overlooking his pool whilst watching the sunset over the Estorel hills) backsliding like this, I suggest that someone will be getting a brown envelope from the chairman (Mr North will understand this!).  Tonight to the Radish Secret Dinner Club  06 87 04 03 88 for bookings

Tomorrow golf with Dave The Fade at the Grande Bastide, then off to the Anitibes yacht show in the afternoon to make sure they are taking good care of my boat and to watch the excellent Blah Blah play at the crewshow.  As the wingo would say (if he were here) “crash helmets and rock n roll positions chaps” I think a reference to those afficionados of “Air Guitar”

Chris France

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  1. April 9, 2010 4:09 pm

    WOW! Chris, I am really enjoying your blogs and well done for getting to the first page in such a short period of time, have a great weekend,
    Linda & Alan


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