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Dave, Don’t Hit It Over The Fence

April 11, 2010

I told him, it was a simple par 3 at the Grande Bastide. Our leader, Dave The Fade, despite his protestations to the contrary always enjoys being drawn to play with me, and at the short 13th I told him, “dont hit it over that fence” which was at least 80 metres and more than 50 degrees away from the target, and what did he do?  I was trying to help…..I tried once more to help help him, poining out at the next hole that the bunker about 30 yards away wasn’t really in play, but he proved me wrong!  A lovely sunny and warm day for the beginning of the Landlubbers summer eclectic (Paul North, look it up) competition.  Now some people without the sartorial powers and fashion sense that I possess consider that my silver golf shoes are a little gaudy, but as you can clearly see from my picture, nothing could be further than the truth, they are indeed a very classy  and very desirable pair of shoes.  The views from the Grande Bastide golf course, about 3 miles from Valbonne are truly beautiful as todays picture shows and whilst the gals enjoyed another opportunity to soak up some sun, I prepared at the 19th hole  for the Antibes yatch show, later in the afternoon.  Tickets were arranged by Wayne from www.fr2day and from there when the sun went down (and the free beer courtesy of Blue Water Yachting) ran out we repaired to the very popular Blue Lady in Antibes for a pint of guinness and yes, Walkers crisps.

Today sees us in Valbonne for the “Vide Grenier” literally “clear the attic” sale where I shall be, as always,  on the look out for bargains in the plastic flower department.  They are so much easier to tend and require no watering, fertiliser or weeding.  I have responsibility for these, whilst my wife has responsibility for everything growing naturally in the garden.  From there it is possible that we shall adjourn to the square in Valbonne for a pre barbeque drink, this being a day of rest for me from educating the (well heeled) masses of the value of the services of  Currencies Direct

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