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Welsh rarebit properly roasted

March 10, 2014

Surreal was the only word for it. We watched England versus Wales 6 Nations rugby match at Bert’s Bar in downtown Bridgetown, Barbados surrounded by a scrum (did you see what I did there) of other Brits, most of whom, rather gratifyingly due to the result, seemed to be Welsh. It was never certain until about 3 minutes from the start that we would get to see the game. ESPN2, one of the sports channels available courtesy of Bert, had advertised that they were showing the match earlier in the week, but their on-screen schedules were saying something different by the time we had ordered the first Bloody Mary’s of the day. Much discussion between the gathered visiting inhabitants of the UK and the bar staff ensued, and they (the bar staff) were convinced that it would be broadcast. The TV guide for the hour before the scheduled start said that they would be covering football, but it was actually broadcasting basketball, so in a typically West Indian way there was still hope. The first pictures from Twickenham, 3 minutes before the start, were greeted by a huge cheer by the assembled multitude, which had grown to about 60 people. As I have said before about the Caribbean, it is brilliant utter chaos but they somehow get it right in the end.

cricket in west indies

View from the Kensington Oval

After watching England dominate our daffodil and sheep loving friends on the rugby pitch whilst seated in a tropical paradise, it was off to something less that sporting paradise, the Kensington Oval, to watch a dismal England performance in the cricket. There was nothing wrong with the venue or the weather, the fault lies with the English cricket team. The high spot for me was watching the great West Indian batsman Chris Galye hit the biggest six I ever seen, going clear out of the ground over the stand. The six he had hit a few overs earlier landed in the top stands where we were watching and was caught by one of the locals! He only just beat me too it.

A ragga/salsa sound stage had been set up in the car park of the West Indies cricket museum across for the ground after the game had ended, but after one beer there, the “Trouble” team, containing but two Currencies Direct clients, conclusion was that we were a little jaded, a little hot and sweaty and needed to regroup.

A short siesta completed, we had a chance to try out the various new ingredients that seemed to be required to make Caribbean rum punch. I found 12 different recipes within a few seconds on Google, so it seems as long as you have rum and a few types of fruit juice, a sweet base, loads of ice and some nutmeg, you are there. It also helps to have dedicated team of run punch creating learners in-house. You will not be surprised to discover that the in charge of the manufacture was Rachael, “Lady in Waiting” Surtees who carries with her at all times a bottle of gin and her own extra hot chillies. I am sure it was she who misunderstood the fine balance required between the rum and the sweetness, so overdid the rum, and I am certain that this put paid to any ideas about going out to eat last evening. I think the precise time when that decision was made can be defined. It was when it was suggested that rather than go out and risk a local alternative, we should stay in and eat Welsh Rarebit at the fabulous Villa Cornucopia rather than venture out into the Bajan night. The opportunity to roast the Welsh one more time proved irresistible.

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    March 10, 2014 1:58 pm

    AsTeam trouble began feeling ropier,
    It was clear no idea would be dopier,
    Than heading for town”,
    So instead they sat down,
    To a snack at the old Cornucopia !

    As they ‘rose’ to the challenge immense,
    St. George said “Now dragon get hence,
    Your forwards are ‘di’-re,
    Your ‘bach’s’ all lack fire,
    And there’s ‘leeks’ in your d’red’ful defence !!


  2. howzaaat permalink
    March 10, 2014 2:32 pm

    Ha-hah, Rev ! Simply wonderful — I see that your mind is as fertile as other bits of you !! It wouldn’t be remotely possible to pack more puns together in five lines than you have achieved there… From English roses and Welch dragons and patron saints for BOTH sides, Dai Bach is there too, Wales national colour and emblem and all cached in a fair description of how Wales played. Brilliant — just brilliant ! I take my hat off to you…


  3. Rev. Jeff permalink
    March 10, 2014 3:35 pm

    I’m blushing the colour of the Welsh shirts !! Far, far too kind, but much appreciated.


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