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The horse bathing festival

January 21, 2014

Sometimes this column is difficult to write. Sometimes it is writers block or nothing of note has happened, and occasionally it is because of a surfeit of alcohol. Such was the case yesterday when frankly, I was very jaded and this column was not up to the high literary and technical standards to which I aspire but seldom achieve. But there is one thing that I retain and that is the unshakeable belief that I can be funny. If this column can give its reader a laughter on any level then I am pleased. Even when the reader is laughing at it rather than with it.

Yesterday morning then was a bit of a hazy blur. Perhaps the continuing late nights, the constant intake of beers and Rioja and the consumption of fine cigars (encouraged by being able to sit outside in shirt sleeves) during the last week in Tenerife have combined to take the edge off my writing, and my enthusiasm for a walk. However, by lunchtime, and following an indolent morning, that determination to avoid becoming a fat slob, I set off on foot for Calleta, the pretty seaside town a few miles up the coast from where we are staying in Costa Adeje. That Nice Lady Decorator was in tow, well, for the first mile and a half, and then elected to partake of a beer whilst I continued my trek. It was as I neared my destination that I was suddenly confronted by a large crowd of people watching horses and riders going into the sea.

It seems that there is an annual “Bathing of the horses” festival that I had stumbled across, so I went back and fetched the horse loving Decorating Operative and we witnessed the rather wet horses and riders riding up from the beach to the town.

horses in sea

The annual horse bathing festival

Tapas on the seafront were wonderful and with the brisk walk ending up being around 4 miles before my first beer, I had thrown off that slough of indifference and my usual good humour and writing prowess had returned, as you will now know. It was at that point I remembered the value of opening an account with Currencies Direct. Life can be so rewarding.

Sundowners by the pool got a little out of hand due to the fact that after a couple of mohitos and in my case a few glasses of the local wine, the bar staff elected to buy us a drink for being their best customers of the week. This is accolade is a double-edged sword. A free drink is always welcome, but to receive it as a result of drinking does tell its own story.

Today, it will be all over and we will be back in Arundel by this evening. A last morning of sunshine will be enjoyed to the fullest possible extent before boarding the plane after lunch and heading back to that dank, dreary land, with the added prospect of two back to back diet days, before the onslaught of the coming weekend when someone close to me will be celebrating, if that is the correct word, the commencement of a seventh decade. I believe I will not be surprised by a surprise party but am looking forward to the bus pass and free prescriptions.

So that is it. Sunshine will not feature in my life until the end of the month, when I shall journey to Cannes for the annual MIDEM music festival, where work will rear its ugly head. That and a smidgeon of social interaction, which may involve the raising of a glass or two, purely to keep the wheels of the music industry turning you understand?

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff. permalink
    January 21, 2014 11:15 am

    I’m afraid you will have to forgo the pleasures of a bus pass for a while yet as you will not be eligible till , ( I think) 22nd April 2019. They have changed the rules and it now depends on your date of birth. I suspect this information won’t be a major inconvenience to a man of your vast wealth !

    However it does give me a chance to include my favorite limerick which I wish I’d have written and yes I know you’ve heard it many times before, but I love it !!

    There was a young man from Darjeeling,
    Who boarded a bus bound for Ealing.
    A sign on the door,
    Said, ‘Don’t spit on the floor’
    So he stood up and spat on the ceiling !!

    And my own effort.

    His excuse for his grammar it’s clear,
    Is patently rubbish I fear,
    To blame yesterday,
    On the drink, means to say
    That he’s p=ss=d every day of the year !!

    Which come to think of it ………..!!


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