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The Party Party

October 7, 2013

He said it was chicken, that he had bought them and cooked then himself, but I have seen an alarming dip in the local pigeon population in recent days. Man mountain, the original idiot abroad, Peachy Butterfield, guided ably by his delicious wife Suzanne, presented a wonderful Sunday lunch at one of Roly and Poly Bufton’s splendid houses yesterday, and I have to say there was not a pigeon feather in sight. I broke my self-imposed exile from alcohol, as previously agreed with myself, and got properly stuck in to the much anticipated Chateau Gloria, supplied from his vast stock by Simon Howes. he had also produced an excellent 2006 Haut Medoc, trumping my 2009, although I think I was heard to say that the one I had brought was a little fresher.

I managed a short discussion with Peachy about why I was avoiding his card Bordeaux. I was of the opinion that it consisted entirely of the dregs one may find in any half decent bottle of wine, but he would have none of it (well metaphorical at least, in fact he had a great deal of it) and claimed it was very drinkable, in fact one could say he sediment it.


Peachy Butterfield in celebratory mood after a fine whippet and pigeon offering was somehow mistaken for chicken.

The afternoon passed in a satisfying haze of Cuban cigars, fine wine, and wonderful conversation, about which I remember very little, before the pleasing and comfortable descent into oblivion, I do recall that i discussed politics with the Naked Politician. He confirmed to me that he is in the final throes of setting up an official political party, of which he will be leader. It will be called the Party Party (I am not making this up, he really is doing this officially with the electoral commission). I have never before considered entering politics but I think I committed yesterday to being the Party Party candidate for Arundel in the next General Election. It is amazing the stupid things you do after a few glasses of wine.

He seemed a bit light on policies when I pressed him but I am sure it is no work in progress. I wonder if he will ever get to make a Party Party party political broadcast? and where might be the Party Party party headquarters? and what would happen when they had a party?

With politics over, discussion turned to exchange rates. No social occasion in the south of France is work free for me, as i am always on the look out for customers wasting money using their banks for foreign exchange transactions, and I have targeted a potential customer for about three years who was unlucky enough to be present at that lunch and feel the full force of my laser sharp sales patter. Christine, you know who I mean, you can download the Currencies Direct forms here and then there would be no need for me to badger you any more. if not, then expect me to turn up later in the week. In fact anyone can download the form and find their way through to foreign exchange heaven, and make me happy as well.

So now, it is back to abstinence and a dull week ahead. Dull because I am expecting another 5 day stretch without a drink, with perhaps a bit of backsliding on Friday when I must surely lunch at Auberge St Donat for probably the last time this year. England is looming and I have but two Fridays left before the drudgery and reality of an English winter will crowd in.

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