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Teddy bears and bluebells

May 13, 2013

Waiting for our lift over to a lively lunch, That Nice Lady Decorator, never the most patient person in the world, stated that the flowers she had bought for the host would be dead by the time he got here.

Barry the Teddy Bear had kindly offered to pick us up, and we were to taxi back (is taxi a verb? but no matter). 1pm sharp he had said, so by 1.20, with a large Bloody Mary and a glass of wine on board, patience in some circles was running a bit thin. Eventually the teddy bear man arrived and joined us for a drink in the pub before we set off for lunch in the wilds of Sussex.

Earlier, before the inevitable rain, we took a walk in early morning sunshine at Patching, where I took another picture of the bluebells. I know you have seen these types of pictures before, but they are now at their height and their bluest. Anyway, it us my column and I am not asking you to buy anything, well, except to open an account with Currencies Direct for all your foreign exchange needs.

bluebell woods

Yes, more bluebells in a wood

Lunch was aided by a double magnum of a 2007 Lussac St Emilion, which seven of us managed to finish despite the fact that two were not drinking and one was drinking white. I do believe that a certain amount of evaporation must be factored in before anyone passes judgement. I am told, but do not believe it, that I dozed off for a couple of hours, but am certain it could have been no more than 20 minutes.

Teddy Bear was at his cuddly best and he and That Nice Lady Decorator, who was once the owner of a Dolls House shop in Leeds, were in deep reminiscence about the Dolls House fairs they would attend in support of another of his fine upstanding and vital publications, Dolls House World. It is a curious world inhabited by people who live their lives in 1/12 scale and, I must choose my words carefully here, many of them are quite strange, but money was earned and fun had, apparently. That was not quite how I saw it 20 years ago when I was dragged, inevitably at a weekend, to some to help.

The lovely Ann was in full blonde mode, made even more attractive by her bubbly persona. We were talking  at one stage about big bottles of wine when I mentioned a Nebuchadnezzar . She looked blankly and asked who was in it? I think she thought it was a film.

Arriving back mid evening, it must have been after 9pm as the White Hart was closed, the rain had closed in so with the temptation of the pub removed, we returned home to consider our verdict. A thoroughly good day was the conclusion, to set against today when I shall one again enter starvation mode. It is all for the best, I must look my best and recharge before the coming weekend in Cannes for the showing of Otway The Movie. I am hearing 23 degree and sunshine awaits us.

Until Friday, when we set off, I shall be ensuring the wheels of the international music business continue to roll. Certain significant royalties are due this week which I hope will ease the financial burdens that have beset me. When one is not in receipt of benefits, and one has two houses to run, one must fight for every penny. I do hope that the unemployed reading this will have some sympathy. That should stir up a few comments, none of which I shall be able to approve.

Chris France

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  1. helen blackburn permalink
    May 13, 2013 10:17 am

    Hi Chris . I have been reading your blog & enjoying it for a while now . enjoy it very much… I have visited Valbonne many times also & two of my relatives have been written about in your visit to the oyster fest in Ireland.. I notice that you are in the music biz,.. I am a member of P.R.S.
    & seeking advice as to where to go for substantial publishers royalties .. The Publishers are
    in france & I am owed synchronisation fees , but get no response from them everytime i try..I am happy to pay a percentage to any one who can help obtain monies

    any advice for me please ..? I do receive royalties from other publishing houses in france.
    Thanks Helen .


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