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Nice Matin gets it right

April 3, 2013

Thanks to the good offices of Roly Bufton, who employed some of the vast resources available to him, I now have a copy of the Nice Matin, the daily paper of Nice in the Cote d’Azur, and the article about my good self and The Valbonne Monologues. If they are correct then I did not understand many of the questions, but I would contend that they did not understand my answers. I thought it only fair to share it with you, my adoring readers, today.

Nice matin article

Nice Matin gets to grips with the Valbonne Monologues

Today was sunny. Please note that,  those of you who once again are being deluged in the south of France. Admittedly it was freezing cold and the wind was blowing but there was sunshine for much of the day. It seems the jet stream has gone on holiday to the Mediterranean for the spring.

So back in the Currencies Direct saddle again today, but also it is music business royalty time, and the only thing that can come between me and contentment at this time of the year is to be denied food and drink, and so it came to pass. Yes, that diet is back, trying to deal with the damage inflicted on my corpulent being over the past weekend. 600 calories is not enough to keep a mouse alive, but I am still here so I must be a big mouse. As you can see, hallucinations must be expected in the face of these derivations if I am to wear a bikini again this summer. Actually I have always cherished one of those mankini’s.
At last I had a chance to look at the Sunday Times and I see that Arundel has been voted the best town in which to live in England. I am in agreement. If one cannot live in the south of France then Arundel is the next best place. I was looking forward to discussing this very topic today at the Wednesday Luncheon Club at Butlers Restaurant in the town, but have just been informed that it has been postponed due to Easter. It seems that a combination of kids not being at school, builders arriving and in one case, scaffolding due to be erected at The Kings Arms, our coterie of usual luncheon suspects are unable to attend.

This is a travesty, and one which would never occur in Valbonne or the south of France in general. Nothing will get in the way of lunch over there, which points up one of the major differences between living in Arundel as opposed to the land where lunch is sacrosanct. Talking if sacrosanct, that Jesus bloke is to blame. He and his bible bashing followers have been muscling in on a popular holiday and have caused plenty of luncheon trouble for over 2000 years. Not only that but he seems to have been in some way responsible for loads of wars, famines and disease during that time, but this time he has gone too far. Does he have no idea how hungry I am as a result of that diet? I know that food is involved somewhere because of that Easter egg fetish that seems to engulf England, but it appears there will be no lunch today. I am disgruntled, my gruntle has been really dissed.

In order to overcome this disappointment, I will be pushing for either a private lunch with that Nice Lady Decorator, or to go for a pint early doors, preferably somewhere to take advantage of the sunshine in evidence this morning, although there is a fair chance it will not last. You will find out tomorrow if I was successful.

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    April 3, 2013 1:17 pm

    Must try and meet up in the summer so I can see the new improved svelte figure you have obviously become as a result of the diet. Will I still recognise you ?!


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