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Cricket on his mind?

November 29, 2012

With no official function Golden Oldies cricket function and no cricket match, a decision was taken to board the tram from central Adelaide to Glenelg, the nearest seaside resort.  Quite a large contingent from the Nidderdale Taverners grappled with the complexity of the on-board ticket machine, with some older members expressing satisfaction that the fare was half price for pensioners,  a sad reflection on the average age of the team members.

Once there, some went in search of culture, some went in search of a swim and some, like my good self, went in search of a bar by the seaside for a seafood lunch. Eventually we were joined by some of the others at The Oyster Bar on the marina. John Lodge, the oldest plating member of the tour, and perhaps the best fielder,  and who has constantly to deny that he was in the Moody Blues, recounted his visit to the museum in the town, but was told by travelling thespian Frazer Hines (pictured today with his carer) that he should be careful to keep moving as they were stock taking, otherwise he my find himself being numbered amongst the old relics.

Actor Fraser Hines being looked after in a special caring way

Actor Frazer Hines being looked after in a special caring way

This led to a host of ageist jokes that were far too close to the truth for comfort. It was also noted that the graveyard at Sir Thomas Ingilby’s family estate had a sign outside its graveyard that says rather ominously “dropping off point”.

Inevitably talk turned to the last day of fixtures today, Friday. We are scheduled to be playing a team from Singapore known as The Misfits, but having seen them from time to time enjoying themselves in the town in much the same manner as we have been, I think they will fit in very well. It seems that the cricketing part of the game will be overseen by the cricket section of the home ground, whilst the social side will be handled by the rugby section, which bodes well. I think…

One of the local grounds in use during the festival is called Gaza. This piece if information provided some amusement, very little of which I can reproduce here. Suffice to say that the ceasefire will be suspended for much of the day.

Oysters were consumed in such numbers that further abuse may have caused them to become an endangered species, so by late afternoon it was time to board the tram and return to the hotel to regroup. Please do not ask me why, but hunger then consumed some of the party again and so the hard-core set off for Mekong, a Thai restaurant, that has become a favourite amongst some of the team, for some kangaroo satay. It was quite a ribald  evening as I recall, but at least this time no one asked Sir Thomas if he had been buggered whilst at Eton , so I suppose it was relatively restrained.

John Judge-Mental, the hanging judge, has spent the last two days making copious notes for the Saturday evening sitting of the Teesside (kangaroo) Crown Court, where the misdemeanours of the tourists will be tried, convicted and sentenced. It seems that unusually for a court process, appeals should be made pre-trial and should take the form of unmarked bank notes in brown power bag.  I have discovered that the Judge has our room number, which he must have been given by that Nice Lady Decorator, but have decided to keep quiet at this stage in case I need that  information at a later date.

Sadly there is not enough space to outline the benefits of opening an account with Currencies Direct, maybe tomorrow.

Chris France


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