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Squire and Orson Wells

October 29, 2012

The return from the one day of sunshine on Saturday to the usual grim cold and damp weather that epitomises England was immediately in evidence the moment I awoke from my slumbers just before mid day. Thus there was nothing for it but to go in search of an English pub with a roaring log fire serving proper English beer. The first stop, The Squire and Horse on the way to Amberley, which had been recommended, turned out to be a restaurant with no interest in serving beer properly and with the fires un-lit we cast the net a little wider and visited The Swan at Fittleworth which was serving London Pride, and the fires were lit.

Whilst we were out, lunch was cooking itself. Roast pheasant wrapped in bacon was something of a daring departure for that nice lady decorator but was cooked sublimely and was a great success. The roasted vegetables however were, well, well roasted. She refused to believe I like them like that. Black brussel sprouts are one of my new favourites, but it is fair to say that rather too much cooking had occurred whilst we supped. I took this picture of a saying by Orson Wells when in the Black Rabbit recently, I think it sums things up nicely.

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what's for lunch - Orsen Well quote

My sentiments entirely

Plans for the launch of the Valbonne Monologues are beginning to take shape. Clear you diaries for market day on Friday 14th December in Valbonne. I shall hope to have all the details confirmed shortly. In the meantime it is possible to pre-order a copy or many copies of either the hardback or paperback. Such orders will be signed by the author and identified as pre-orders, thereby making them an even more desirable Christmas Present and quite clearly an appreciating and appreciated asset. Do you know how much a first edition of Harry Potter fetches? No, nor do I, and nor is there any relevance to that question.

As I write, my self-appointed Sales Manager, Master Mariner Mundell is doubtless burning the midnight oil as he considers the logistics that must be settled in advance, and if he is not then he should be. Currencies Direct and French Mortgage Xpress will once again sponsor the event or I will want to know the reason why and I am happy to consider other sponsors and in this regard I expect to hear from Paul Howard amongst others shortly.

Whilst we were at home in Arundel with freshly plucked pheasant, a gathering was taking place at our house in Valbonne currently under the guardianship of Peachy Butterfield, or more likely his adorable wife Suzanne. As one of the guests was to be Simon Howes, whose house win is Chateau Gloria, I felt it necessary to telephone and ensure that at least one bottle of this nectar be saved for the landlord (me). I was told that not only were three bottles of Gloria to hand, there were also bottles of a grand Cru St Estephe but that Peachy was delighted to have acquired a 10 litre box of St Croix to which he was hoping to pay massive respect yesterday afternoon. I telephoned again at about 8pm but answer came there none. It must have been a good lunch.

Halloween on this coming Wednesday is now the next time I am being allowed out of my hutch. Until then I will once again be marooned on a largely carbohydrate free wilderness not of my own making. I do not yet know what we shall be doing to celebrate but doubtless word will soon be handed down.

Chris France


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