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One up, one down

October 15, 2012

Even Shakespeare must have had the occasional day off so as a successful writer myself I decided to follow in his foot steps. I am sure that my regular readers will not begrudge me the same, especially after two full days in pursuit of writing excellence. I say pursuit, but I did not say that I caught up with my prey. In fact the word pray may be a whole lot more relevant because as regular reader the Reverend Jeff will know Sunday is a day of prayer, and this new book will need all the help it can get.

Until I received his carrier pigeon I was full of good intentions and readying myself for the final push but when Mac The Knife, my only friend in the vicinity, invited me to lunch, I admit I weakened and took solace in a wonderful home cooked Sunday roast, together with Roderer champagne and a very good chateau bottled Medoc.  Earlier on my morning constitutional taken as the frost was beginning to glisten in the unaccustomed late morning sunshine, I went in search of a typical example of northern housing and found this desirable residence.

desirable housing in Chester

desirable housing in Chester

Housing up north does not have quite the sophistication found in the sultry south. This particular “des res” seems to be slightly lacking in facilities although one would assume it has somewhere one could light a peat fire. Toilets and bathrooms may be a fleeting concept. It is unlikely I shall find any clients for Currencies Direct here.

I have decided that one more day of solitude and honest endeavour will see the book in a pre-proof-read condition and thus my work is nearly over. Rejoice, Christmas has been saved for all those waiting for copies.

With the job almost done I can justify leaving my self-imposed exile and returning to civilisation in Arundel on Wednesday. This is not before time as hypothermia and frostbite are very real dangers. So just one more day of northern food. I think I have lost three kilos in 5 days, and let’s face it, I don’t have it to lose, such is the svelte (that nice lady decorator may say fat) nature of my body, but I will struggle through and find all three of them again in the coming week.

So the planning for the launch has begun. I spoke today to Viv Frost, Matt Frost’s carer on the bakolite phone that serves the city of Chester to commence discussions on the arrangements. She believes that it should take place on a market day in Valbonne under the auspices of course of the English Book Centre in Valbonne run by the wonderfully endowed Lin Wolff (sorry Lin), however my return from Australia may make this impossible unless the date is set for 21st December, perhaps a tad late for all those requiring copies for Xmas. Do not panic however, the date is not yet fixed.

Yes Australia, a wonderful prospect, a reward to myself for the writing of the book. The organiser of the trip, John “Chuckle Brothers” Surtees has arranged for a couple of days in Bangkok on the way in the third week of November  where he particularly wants to see a show that he has heard about that features lady boys, ping pong balls and bananas which all sounds very intriguing. I myself an interested in a Thai massage with a happy ending, although I have no idea what to expect. Do they give you a cup of tea and a chocolate hob-nob after the massage? Or maybe it is a Thai green curry? That would make me happy. I hope to find out in due course.

Chris France

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