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A surprising goat

June 19, 2012

It looked like an interesting option. “Surprise de Chevre”, which, roughly translated, comes out as goat surprise. I am not a public schoolboy so I do not do animals, even if they are very surprising. In fact I am seriously considering becoming a part-time vegetarian. By that I mean not eating meat all the time.

This dish was on the menu at the Auberge de la Source last weekend and it made me ponder exactly how it was surprised. Had it been Welsh, or New Zealand Lamb then I may be able to hazard a fairly accurate guess as to why its eyebrows had been raised. Perhaps it was Greek Lamb and it was surprised Greece is still in the Euro?

A sheepish surprise

Talking of the Euro, I am longing for its break up as the opportunities for me to persuade people to open an account with Currencies Direct will be enormous.

That nice lady decorator has not stopped painting for the last two days. She appears to be painting anything and everything white. I swear that if I sat still for too long I would be feeling the tip of her paint brush as it were. She is still whitening all those lovely new dining chairs we did not need, to go with the new dining room table which makes one or the other of them surplus to requirements. I wonder what the next items of furniture will be due for some duplication? The fridge maybe? We only have the three of those at the moment.

There is a dog in our household who at the moment is black and white, a sort of miniature Friesian cow. Banjo is always pretending he is whiter than white whilst his protector, that nice lady decorator, is around. He could certainly benefit from being painted out of the picture, and events took an exciting turn in this respect the night before last. We arrived back at the house after dark to be confronted by our French neighbours colloquially known as “The Twats”. They wanted to bring to our attention that Banjo had been howling whilst we were away. For a short period of time TNLD had decided that this was the end of the line for him and had finally seen the light and accepted that he was damaged goods and that he would have to go. I can tell you that the nightcap we had before bed was one of the most satisfying I had ever had. Delight turned to rabid disappointment in the morning however, instead of being on his way to being re-homed, or better still…..he is to be fitted with a corrective collar which will allegedly stop him howling. I have seen these collars and they emit a small electric shop to impede barking. For me however the electrical charge is way to small. I think one with a taser strength delivery should be found. Maybe I can modify it when it arrives?

Obviously with Englands football match in the 2012 European Championships tonight, I will be taking control of the remote for the TV.  Midsomers Murders and Poirot will not be getting a look in as the home country storm into the final phase, or more likely, fall at the last hurdle as usual. Actually, can a footballer fall at a hurdle? I think by tomorrow we will have discovered they can.

Tennis may convene tomorrow evening unless there is more back sliding by my opponents. Of course my enforced absence last week from the traditional Wednesday hostilities was for honest and straightforward reasons, I knew that after a big lunch with pals I would have been in a state that may have slightly undermined my tennis skills, and can in no way be compared with the nervous excuses I have heard from Dancing Greg Harris or Blind Lemon Milsted.

Chris France

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  1. Cultured Cathie permalink
    June 19, 2012 10:59 am

    Is the jury still out on the Auberge de la Source, or has judgement been passed? Any good?


    • June 19, 2012 11:09 am

      its a lovely spot, has been well done, the food was good, decent price (pichet for 6 euros) service a bit slow but I think that is because it is more successful than they thought. we like it!


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