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Semaphore, decorator style

June 18, 2012

As it was Fathers Day I contend that it was an honest mistake. I caught a reference from that nice lady decorator about a good rubbing down and she said my reaction to that statement was a deliberate misinterpretation. Apparently I knew that she had to rub down all those new wooden dining room chairs ready for painting. It seems to happen to me all the time. Earlier this week for instance I had been talking about redirection of male. This is a post, after all.

Before she started all that nonsense we went for our traditional morning march in the woods nearby where I was able to take this picture. Quite what she was trying to do eludes me. Fans of Harry Worth may have some idea, but clearly that particular TV series was completed and aired a long time before either of is were born.

Spot that nice lady decorator

Once she had become bored with all that rubbing it was not that hard to persuade her that I should be taken out for a drink to celebrate my day, so, late in the afternoon we headed down to the Auberge De La Source for a sharpener. It claims to be open all day, slightly rare outside Valbonne so we thought we should put it to the test. We managed to get a couple of beers but food was not an option there so we headed for Valbonne Square in order for that nice lady decorator to buy me dinner. As she was paying we went slightly up market to the Terra Rossa which backfired a bit as my steak was not very good.

One mis steak can lead to another and so it proved when I tried to tell the story of a friend of a friend who always had a different fugly (effing ugly) girl in tow. He was known as Sledge because he was always getting pulled by dogs. Now I thought that was funny but it was not an opinion shared by that unsmiling but still nice lady decorator.

The working week is beginning and my missionary zeal for spreading the word about Currencies Direct is undimmed. Did you know that using your bank to send foreign exchange can cost you more than 3% each time? That’s £30 in each £1000, enough to have two lunches at the Auberge St Donat. You know it makes sense, apply for an account here.

Last week I received copies of the painting that have been submitted in the competition run by Marina Kulik’s painting class, seven in total and all really good. Marina has suggested a prize giving lunch, the idea of which of course I loved as once again it will be all about me. This will happen in early July and all will be welcome, details as soon as I have them.

This of course means I have to get on compile it. At first that nice lady decorator suggested Halloween as a launch date, but changed her mind saying there is only so much horror a person can take. Now she prefers Bonfire Night when there is a tradition of burning things. I do hope she was not referring to my book. This time, as a successful author (which I contend I am having sold enough copies of my first book to more than break even) and in a gratuitous display of immodesty, there will also be a hardback edition. There will also be pictures throughout, so all of you people who have done stupid things when I have had a camera in my hand, beware.

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    June 18, 2012 1:02 pm

    “This of course means I have to get on compile it”…………

    ……as in compile it high, sell it cheap………..or is it just life through rosé coloured test (sorry) spectacles……….??


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