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Compare the mark up?

April 1, 2012

There is a Braderie today in Valbonne. A Braderie is like a clear out sale, with the local businesses clearing out all their old stocks of merchandise at knock down prices, even The English Book Centre will be open on a Sunday! I may venture down on the way to lunch with Peachy Butterfield and statuesque beauty Suzanne to collect a copy of The Sunday Times to see if I can identify any poor souls in need of the currency exchange services of Currencies Direct. You can usually tell them by their hang-dog expressions or sometimes you can see them peering into their wallets and shaking their heads.

An interesting concept has been floated by long-term devotee of this column, Mellissa Graves. She contends that when girls answer a question with the single word “what?” It does not mean they have misheard the answer, they are just giving the man a chance to reconsider what he is saying. This is a sweet and generous concept and one that I shall bear in mind, especially when that nice lady uses the word in a context like this; “what the f**k do you think you are doing?”

Then on to lunch. Peachy Butterfield will be anxious to know if I have been successful in my quest to find a 5 litre flagon of wine for 8 euros as was the case the last time we lunched together, but I am afraid I have not, just a magnum of a very good Bordeaux. I know it is far too good for him and I have selected some bottles to take but he does like quantity rather than quantity, a fact reflected in his gargantuan waist line so I asked the supermarket for the biggest glass vessel they had and so that is what I shall be taking for him. The Bordeaux will remain my side of the table.

I am not quite certain what is going on in this photo that I took in Havana recently. I am sure that the animal in the basket believes it is a dog but it seems to me to resemble a meercat. Perhaps this chap was seeking the best insurance for his bike? As all insurance companies presumably aim to make a profit, should not the slogan be “compare the mark”

Dog in a manger? Oh on, dog in a basket

Today of course is a write off, but there is a faint possibility that we may get a teetotal day tomorrow.Liunch in Valbonne square and the Premier Mardi event at La Pomme Rouge in Valbonne tomorrow evening will ensure that Tuesday is a wipe out as well, so I am clinging to the prospect of a day away from the demon drink on Monday like a man trying to wrestle a lion with one arm tied behind his back. It is not me you see, that nice lady decorator gets the taste about 6pm, sun downer time and I am so easily lead.

There is something I have put off mentioning. Yesterday she asked if I could dig a hole so she could plant something. reluctantly I delved into the satanic depths of the shed and caked in dust found a spade (I was going to say my spade but I do not recall never owning such a thing – it is a well-known fact hat I am dangerous with tools). I had in mind a full minutes digging and then repair to the bar for a beer. What she did not tell me that the hole was for a fully fledged palm tree necessitating a hole a metre across and a metre deep. I shall continue with this earthy tale tomorrow.

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    April 1, 2012 11:03 am

    “I am so easily lead”

    Why are we not surprised, with the vast amounts you have been consuming..??

    You are obviously being led on a short lead and will have to swing the lead to get out of digging…..


    • April 2, 2012 5:37 pm

      no such luck. can hardly walk, full report tomorrow…


      • Pinman permalink
        April 2, 2012 9:27 pm

        …………..sounds like you’ve been spayed….!!


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