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A Euro for your thoughts?

March 3, 2012

The turnout at Cafe Latin in Valbonne for church and the worship of coffee and gossip on market day was disappointing in terms of numbers but high on quality especially if one is given to writing a daily column such as this. Regular readers will know that I am always on the look out for interesting controversial, stupid or embarrassing facts or pictures which I can the twist for my own devices which normally means  the promotion of the foreign exchange services of Currencies Direct. Yesterday presented just such an opportunity.

My style guru Mr Humphries was free and was sporting a very daring, perhaps slightly retro, even 60’s hippy great-coat style with military overtones as my picture today attempts to capture. What may not been immediately evident is that the stylist himself has used his new metal working skills (he has just started his welding course of which more at a later date) to add buttons to this military uniform. Not liking the buttons on the coat when he first bought it he searched for buttons he liked but they were going to cost 4 euros each, more than the coat cost him. Outraged by the price, he felt certain that he could find something for a Euro a piece and that was when the brain wave hit him. Why not actually use one Euro pieces and drill holes in them and use them for buttons! It is the kind of forward thinking, thinking outside the box that I have come to expect from Currencies Direct customers.

But it does not stop there, oh no,  once he had embraced the concept he sought out Euro coins from all over the eurozone which he has sewn on in order of perceived value starting with Germany at the top and Greece and Portugal at the lowest point. It was not immediately clear in which position he had placed a French or an Italian coin, but as he later went on to say he was looking for coins to go on three-quarters of the way down the back around the anus area and he did not mention where he had put the Irish coin I am afraid I jumped to unworthy conclusions.

Style guru on the cheap

This fixation with men in uniforms was exacerbated by the late arrival of Peachy Butterfield in his usual uniform of garish shorts and bright shirt, carrying his curtain sample book, anxious to meet soft furnishing expert and artist Helen Humphrey, aka Mrs style guru.

Amongst the meetings I had yesterday at church I was fortunate to meet a chap from the frozen tundra that is omnipresent north of Watford, a chap called Paul Howard from something called Devere Group,  a company involved in financial services. He told me before our meeting that he would be wearing pink but if he was, it was a bit closer to the skin than I wanted to venture. He spoke a lot about qrops and although it sounded serious the health system is very good in France and I am certain with the right treatment, part of which he has already commenced by his moving from the brutal climate of Darlington that was his home to the soft caress of Nice, he will make as full a recovery as can be expected for someone more used to the deprivations of County Durham. As desolate and majestic as it undoubtedly is, for me electricity should be a right rather than an occasional treat.

The countdown to Cuba continues and to hasten that departure what better way to spend Saturday lunchtime sitting in the sunshine chez Peachy Butterfield and the statuesque Suzanne (probably) to enjoy the hitherto unsampled (by me) northern delights of the like of pigeon pie, road kill ragout and tripe tiramasu. As a confirmed adventurous eater. I can’t wait.
Chris France

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  1. March 3, 2012 8:57 am

    What a very rude caption Chris! There is nothing cheap about Neil as well you know…


  2. Peachy permalink
    March 3, 2012 9:05 am

    You won’t be disappointed !
    Oh and I’ve got some freshly crushed fruit for your delectation !


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