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Limone versus Isola 2000, no contest

February 18, 2012

With the entire party skied, and in the case of the sprogs, partied out, we left Limone soon after being ejected from the very acceptable Hotel Palace Limone, respectable apart from the check out time of 10am, a fact transmitted to us at 10 30 whilst said teenagers were still in deep slumber. At least waiting for the sprogs to get up, pack and clear out of their hotel room enabled me to do a full days work on Currencies Direct before setting off down the mountain at around 11.300

Limone is such a better skiing experience than Isola 2000, the closest of the bigger ski resorts locally. Whilst the skiing is good at Isola, the monstrous carbuncle that is the main building in the village, purpose-built in the worst of the 1960’s style is the most unedifying resort I have ever encountered. By contrast  Limone is a real village with history and with tiny streets, the centre of which is mostly restricted to pedestrians, and offering some alpine charm and several very decent restaurants, some nice bars and just a nicer apres ski experience than Isola and has the added advantage of not having that torturous long winding switch back approach by car. It takes 15 minutes longer to get there from Valbonne, but the rewards in terms of a bigger ski area and prices of food and drink some 30-40% lower means for me there is no question that Limone offers a better option.

The open and quiet ski slopes of Limone

So we headed down the hill and stopped at that nice lady decorators favourite Italian grocery store to pick up the usual supply of parmesan, olive oil and wine at prices you would not believe when you live in the south of France. For instance I picked up some 2 litres bottles of Barbera d’Alba 2004 for under 8 euros a bottle. I bought all the 3 they had in stock. With a visit to Peachy Butterfields in prospect this evening I also found a five litre bottle of Italian table wine which should take care of the quantity one must take when dining there, the quality should also be somewhat superior to the Macclesfield Merlot or whatever concoction with which he is planning to surprise us this evening.

The REGS gathering is tomorrow at the Grande Bastide but I have withdrawn from battle due to skiing fatigue and the almost certain knowledge that after being Peachied tonight I will have no interest in being on the golf course at 9am on Sunday morning.

The intention as ever is for a quiet week ahead dealing with the boring minutiae of life but with the hope that something spontaneous and fun might evolve at the drop of a hat. Several luncheon plans have yet to be formalised and my sincere hope is that they will be soon. Looking further ahead I have to go to London on 29th February for some pints of London Pride to sprog 2 parents evening and then in early March I shall be heading to the Caribbean, to Cuba in particular and especially the to experience the delights that Havana may hold. Regular readers will know that I am partial to a Cuban cigar and to Mohitos so I shall be taking an extra suitcase to accommodate some boxes of Monte Christo No 2. Sadly though, for obvious liquid reasons I do not expect to be able to transport any Mohitos back.

This main mean during that period a certain doubt about preparing this daily gem as its publication requires a decent internet link and I am not certain how good internet connections are in country.

Chris France

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