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Snow dealt with in Limone

February 17, 2012

I have learned something on this trip to Italy, apart from the fact that it is preferable to use Currencies Direct when moving money from one currency to another, which of course I already knew, apparently one can ski in the afternoons as well in the mornings. This is a fact that was revealed to me today when skiing with my sprogs at Limone.

Normal ski etiquette to me involves a couple of runs in late morning interspersed with a few Bombardino stops, Bombardino’s being a peculiar local liqueur coffee which we discovered a couple of years ago when skiing in Italy, followed by a long leisurely lunch and then a mad ski down the mountain in the near darkness for some apres ski entertainment usually in the form of a refreshing ale.

Skiing with teenagers opened the possibilities of skiing properly in the afternoon and I must say I don’t like it. That nice lady decorator spent the day relaxing and lounging about the hotel in the village due to her unfortunate engagement with some ice at home and sent me on the slopes so that I could be “looked after” by my offspring, sprog 1 and sprog 2. They repaid her by dragging me to parts of this expansive snow domain covering three valleys I had never even dreamed could exist.

So I finally got down the mountain at 4.30pm when it was nearly dark. Every fibre of my being aches, my thighs feel like they have been ravaged by forest fires, I can only feel my arms in terms of where the pain is, my knee joints are welded together and my backside feels like it may have attracted the serious attention of some well endowed public school types, but otherwise I am fine.

Lunch was a joke, twenty minutes of grab pasta and leave, no time to sample the local viticultural produce, no time to take in the view and indulge in conversation from which I often cull information for this daily column, no, instead I got what I think they called “my moneys worth”, although why one would pay to have ones body put through a ringer is anyone guess.

Before I was being subjected to this most violent personal physical abuse, I spotted a chap using a novel method to clear snow from his terrace, shovel it in to the street and hope a passing snow plough will deal with it. What luck he had as my picture shows!

There no business like snow business

Last night to dinner at Diligenzia in this very pretty Italian village.  After a brief pit stop at St Patrick’s Irish Bar where I tried imbibing a few Guinness’s to ease my pain without much success, the call from the assembled teenage locust horde was for dinner, immediately and in the largest possible portions. the Guinness was a success on one level but as pain removal plan it failed.

Today the sprogs may ski a little more unless they got utterly hammered and took up with the local population last night as apparently happened the night before according to the very limited information I was able to extract at lunch time, and I shall shamble along the main street trying to look less than 80 years old looking for pain remedies of the alcoholic sort I would normally contemplate but will have to avoid as it is my job to navigate down the mountain back to Valbonne this afternoon.

So a brief respite today but then I have just been informed that we are dining with Peachy and delectable Suzanne tomorrow night, so crash helmets and goggles to the fore.

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    February 17, 2012 9:22 am

    “the call from the assembled teenage *locast* horde”

    Were you in the company of Indians who were born in the lower social orders or personel from EasyJet and Ryanair ??

    “Guinness was a success on one levek”………what part of Levekia did he come from ??


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