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Literary neighbourhood shock

October 29, 2011

Lunch, one of the most important words in the Cote d’Azur, especially when taken on a Friday is a delight. Yesterday, I was able to combine lunch with work allowing me the righteous justification to take the afternoon off to compensate for working through my lunch two and a half hours. I can almost feel that collective metaphorical sigh from those living in the less fortunate wastes of England where one must remove the two from two and a half to calculate a UK lunch half hour. Anyway, a working lunch was taken at the Auberge Provencal in Valbonne Square to go through the final details of the big launch of my first book “Summer In the Cote d’Azur” at the same venue on November 7th. I was accompanied by that nice lady decorator and my sponsor Matt “Tsunami” Frost from French Mortgage Xpress.

After a siesta, required after such an exhausting lunch and a hard walk around the Valmasque forest yesterday morning, where I took the picture below, I was invited by my book editor, the lovely Dawn Howard from the Roquefort Informer, to try out a new establishment in Valbonne called La Pomme Rouge Deli opened recently by the renowned local caterer Kate Adams  possessor of another beautiful pear (sorry that really was bad….I could have edited but, hey, you know not to expect anything too high brow in this column). It is a restaurant, a deli, even a place just to have a few drinks just opposite the Mairie and is now on my list of favoured establishments.

Saw this in the Valmasque and was struck by quite how red the leaves of this bush were

Over a few glasses of wine I was excitedly telling Dawn about my unofficial appointment as the acting president of the Valbonne Literary Society. I outlined some of the possible future guests such as John Otway now confirmed for 12th December (of which more next week) and Jerry Shirley, drummer in Humble Pie and expressed the view that the local high brows may be able to learn a thing or two from the guys nearer the engine room of life as it were and her reaction was, I suppose fairly predictably, “There goes the literary neighbourhood”.

I met for the first time delightful and bubbly local artist and indeed now art teacher at a swanky Monegasque art group, the name of which I failed to record, Jilly Ballantyne. I cannot recall why we got on to the subject of bad behaviour in restaurants so quickly after meeting for the first time, but although a very convivial evening she refrained on this occasion from performing the Samba on the table tops, an activity for which she is apparently widely renowned.

I don’t expect the newly open restaurant and deli, who we’re offering an interesting menu including an excellent Asiatic platter amongst many different dishes and snacks, had before been on the receiving end of smashed bottles being knocked over by a clumsy client, but I fixed that for them. I do like to be noticed.

Today I shall be doing my best to avoid gardening, an activity that has rather irksomely become something of a norm on a Saturday, well it happened last Saturday as week, so that’s regular is it not? I suspect the bad back routine will once again fail miserably so unless I can find another excuse, I expect I shall indeed have an aching back before sundown.

I have just realised that so far in today’s column I have not mentioned the advantages of opening an account with Currencies Direct. That is because it is a Saturday, which should be a day of rest, so I shall not be mentioning it.

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    October 29, 2011 7:08 pm

    “La Pomme Rouge Deli opened recently by the renowned local caterer Kate Adams possessor of another beautiful pear”

    Sounds just the type of girl you would like to get up the apples & pears !

    Can you only peer at a pair if you are feeling up to par ? Pierre


  2. November 12, 2011 9:05 pm

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