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Snowman mystery

October 24, 2011

Le Bar de la Source is typical French restaurant and bar up the hill from the Opio Carrefour complex past the Mas de Geraniums, which is a lovely place by the way, but ruined by their insistence on plastic outdoor seating. The Source however, although looking somewhat less prepossessing from the outside has a certain country charm inside even although it doubles as the local PMU and tobacconist . It is in a strange position, three miles or so from Valbonne on a road with little development nearby and too far to walk from the centre of the villages of Le Rouret or Opio. It was here that we witnessed some what may be described as memorable scenes when what we had expected was to see the Rugby World Cup.
By memorable I mean that some will remember exactly what happened whilst others will be so jaded by subsequent events on the day that they have very little recollection of events or how they unfolded, and that in its own way is memorable. I remember clearly for instance going to bed at 8pm and I currently recall awaking at 1 40 am to write this graphic prose because that is the time of composing, although I smell like I am decomposing which is a decent description. I blame the brandy.

Often, a quick look at the photos I have captured on the day give some clues as to what occurred and today is a case in point, I have a large number of shots of two grown men, who are old enough to know better, wrestling on my living room floor of which more later, men playing guitar, men wearing wigs and over 20 pictures of snowmen.

It seems that after the charming management of The Source decided it had seen enough of the antics of the some members of nation who had been defeated in quarter finals by the French, and proceeded to shut, not unreasonably, some two hours after the end of the Rugby World Cup Final, I issued an invitation to a handful of my fellow countrymen, some Currencies Direct clients, all buoyed up by the celebrations of England’s demise in the competition some weeks ago. The invitation was to continue the revelry back at our home.

It is the snowman pictures that get me. Master Mariner Mundell for some reason of a higher order than I will ever understand decided in his infinite wisdom to collect a large lump of snow-like ice that he discovered outside The Source and bring it back to the web (as our outside bar is known – easy to get stuck in, very difficult to escape). He then proceeded to mould it into a miniature snowman and amused himself by dressing his new creation in various guises by the inventive use of natural items available in the close vicinity. Quite why some photos show Mr Snowman with an unfeasible large erection is something that I do not recall but at least I know it was a he. That I have chosen to use a non aroused picture of him rather than one in his full glory as it were is mainly down to the fact that the more erect photo is of poor quality, but if there is sufficient clamour then I may give in a feature it tomorrow

Nice snowman

Now to the wrestling, at least I think it was wrestling, perish the thought that this picture in my possession depicts anything other than playful err…play and no connection must be made with earlier erectile references to Mr Snowman. I cannot explain why the miscreants had taken to what I hope is playful public schoolboy jolly japes.  Perhaps it was the excitement of the Manchester United versus Manchester City football match on the TV? The picture may appear later in the week after I have taken legal advice.

Chris France

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