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Otway in brandy drinking shocker

October 3, 2011

The worst possible scenario concerning lost resident of Valbonne resident Derek Barrowcliff seems likely to come to fruition with the discovery of a body in the Valmasque yesterday.

There are likely to be some other casualties today as a result of dinner in Valbonne Square last night. John Otway was in town with his glass designer partner Karen Lawrence and proceeded to regale anyone who was there with his plans for his movie, for which he has already booked the Odeon Leicester Square for the premiere next October, for his 60th birthday.

I say premiere but technically it will be a private showing for cast, producers and crew because it is ruinously expensive to book and much cheaper for a cast and crew screening, but don’t despair as anyone who wants to buy a ticket will automatically become a co-producer on the project and get a credit at the end of the film. John expects to have around 1700 co-producers. My picture today is of Mr Otway and his lovely glass blower.

Mr Otway blows in the ear of his glass blower

Earlier in the day we had flown back from England where the weather has been delightful, warm and sunny and not a cloud in the sky. How long can it last? What fearful price will have to be paid by the poor residents of that normally dank and drizzly place? Or have they already paid for it with an appalling summer?

After dinner it seemed a good idea to retire to the pav and drink all my brandy. Of course is was a very poor idea on every level and I have asked that nice lady decorator that if I ever get a stupid idea like that at any time in the future to disavow me of it immediately. I have vague memories of Mr Otway being persuaded to play a five-stringed guitar badly. It was not played badly because it only had five strings it was played badly as John is by his own admission not a very good musician. I do remember him telling the story of meeting Linda McCartney at the Capital Radio awards in 1978, who had recognised him from his recent tumultuous and physically painful appearance on the Old Grey Whistle Test. Whilst in deep conversation with Linda he resented and tried to ignore a Liverpudlian trying to break into the conversation. Only later was he told it was Paul McCartney, for whom he had signed an autograph. Paul McCartney had recognised Otway, Otway had not recognised Paul McCartney.

Today more carnage is in prospect with Mr Otway today with lunch arranged on the beach in Juan Les Pins where we expect to be joined by the naked politician and Peachy Butterfield with their beautiful married minders. It is far to say that my work for Currencies Direct will not be quite to the fore today although I do hope I can persuade one of my party to do the decent thing and sign up for an account.

So back, nose to the grindstone tomorrow then, as I also have tasks to perform in respect of the magnificent Medina Palms development on Watamu Beach in Kenya and it is royalty time for several of my music business clients which requires my attention. By that I mean I will need to collect my meager 20% commission.

I have remembered that the nice lady decorator has had cards printed, no doubt at my expense, saying just that “The Nice Lady Decorator” which seems rather ironic as she has not worked at all in the summer. I have been too lenient for too long. It is time for strong concerted male direction, organisation and delegation. I wonder if she will let me?

Chris France

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  1. Peachy permalink
    October 3, 2011 11:04 am

    You need to climb out of that frickin’ hammock one day and put some weed and feed on the lawn !


  2. Rev. Jeff permalink
    October 3, 2011 11:53 am

    Is that your lawn that Otway and Karen are posing on ? If so Mr. Butterfield has a point.

    ‘Weed and feed’ ! Looks like Banjo’s pee’d and you need to keep him on a lead.

    Tell Otway I’m hoping to see him at Farnham on Thursday if I can make it.


  3. October 4, 2011 9:18 pm

    First time here. Nice blog and great post. Well done.


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