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Ear chewed due to grim comment

September 16, 2011

I have a sore ear. Sadly that nice lady decorator was alerted by some snitch that reported that I had mentioned yesterday that I had said I had woken up feeling grim, and for some reason she took exception. I have my suspicions as to who may be guilty (apart from my good self for the comment of course), but will not name the obviously guilty party, however Melissa Graves should be squirming in her seat as she reads this.

I graced the new Currencies Direct offices with my inaugural appearance yesterday and was pleased to note that tea and cakes had been laid on (how English!). The crowds were not as large as I had anticipated for the arrival of their most famous author (Summer in the Cote d’Azur – available now) and my autograph signing pen especially stolen form my John Otway collection of autograph pens did not require much use, but the tea and cakes were good, and the champagne afterwards to celebrate a very good initial meeting was very welcome.  It is a practice that the English would do well to emulate.

On Monday next week is the Bistro Rally. It cannot be called a race for insurance reasons, so it is a sailing boat rally that commences at 10am in the Port De La Rague at Mandelieu just along the coast from Cannes and involves around 10 sailing yachts racing to the Isles des Lerins about three miles off the coast. I say racing, and certainly l’Exocet has won on every previous occasion, but it seems the race or rather rally apparently is more about floating in the right direction than sailing as there is seldom any wind, as long as  you discount my own personal contribution. I shall be aboard this wonderful racing yacht , guiding the skipper John Mundell whilst his lovely wife Zillah will me marshalling the WAGS in a flotilla of small support vessels who will arrive ahead of us as they are under power and will I hope have lunch prepared as we cross the finishing line.

The fact that enormous amounts of food and drink are being ordered and stored for the trip gives me a slight indication that there may be a good deal of drinking going on rather than hard sailing, which frankly suits me! My picture today was taken of the wingco a few weeks ago. For some reason he thought it was a good idea to “wear” the light shade as a hat aboard l’Exocet late at night after his exertions with guitar. Perhaps the impetus for this decision was that his t-shirt matched the lamp shade? This is my guess but in reality I don’t think we will never know.

Life is about light and shade, beautifully illustrated by this picture of the wingco with his head in a light socket

This morning, after taking Banjo to prison for the weekend, and unless the weather in the mountains is showing signs of breaking, we shall be heading off up the Route De Napoleon, destination Castellane for a few days relaxation and recuperation. The day time temperatures are said to be 27 degrees, but night time as low as 13 degrees, so a taste of England in the usual form of the usual English summer is possible, albeit at night.

Thus I will have to leave my duties with Medina Palms for a few days, but as it is such a good investment, I feel sure that not much selling is required by me. It may well be, in the wilds of the High Provence that I shall not find an internet connection, so your daily diet of dreary diatribes may be a little later then usual over the coming weekend.

Chris France

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