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Feeling grim

September 15, 2011

I have just seen an advert which came up on my computer screen; “Learn French In Cannes”. That’s amazing, I have been trying to learn it for years, I am going to order some today. Its amazing what they can do nowadays. There are many days when I deserve to feel under the weather, probably 4 or 5 days a week, but last night was very quiet with just a small beer and a small glass of wine but I woke up this morning feeling grim.  Anyway after she had got up and made a cup of tea (blimey I hope she doesn’t read this today) I staggered downstairs to watch the Scotland versus Georgia match from the Rugby World Cup. A little later I ventured outside for a spot of sunshine and discovered a dog has pulled a rubbish bag apart, leaving rubbish strewn over the garden. To my mind it was an open and shut case, Banjo was to blame and I went in search of my black “hanging” cap to pass sentence when his custodian, that nice lady decorator, pointed out that he was in the house, so could not have been responsible. I said I didn’t say that it was his fault, I was just blaming him.

It seems that Marina Kuliks painting courses begin again towards the end of September near Valbonne, and excitement is understandably building. Anticipation of exactly when I shall be first a portrait model and then, if it all works out, a nude model for her painting class is building steadily.  Also building steadily are several bulges in my anatomy which it seems is what the painters want, except for the gay fraternity who seem to be represented amongst the painters ranks. Marina tells me that the gay guys always exaggerate the size of the models manhood, so if I get to do it, those are the only pictures I would want to see.

Before that though, today, I must visit the shiny new offices of Currencies Direct in Sophia Antipolis, the silicon valley of Valbonne to ensure the team are keeping up the good work of educating the masses about what they can save on their foreign exchange movements.

Today’s picture I took recently when visiting the Malpasset dam which collapsed about 50 years ago over near Frejus. It is of some Roman aqueduct arches which look like they could do with a bit of tender loving care. However, it is interesting to note that part of the structure built presumably 2000 years ago remains, whereas the dam the French built lasted less than 10 years..

I may have to get that nice lady decorator to run up the top with some cement

Camping at the weekend has been thrown into doubt as John O Sullivan has realised that Ireland are playing on Saturday morning. At least now I will not have to transport the several cases of Baileys up to Castellane for Jude, the less than secret Baileys drinker. We however are determined to go unless the weather closes in. I checked on Google and it should take 1 hour 25 minutes to drive there, but in Bluebell the camper We will be shall be expecting a two and half hour drive. Perhaps she will overtake her third vehicle in 4 years since we bought her? If we do, I will lay fairly substantial odds it will be on the way down the hill rather than up it, Castellane is at 800 metres above  sea level in deepest High Provence. The wonderful thing about this trip is that Banjo will go to prison for the weekend, as I insist that dogs not being conducive to camping, some dogs being more unsuitable than others.

Chris France

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  1. September 17, 2011 10:12 pm

    You can expect my call any day now Chris!!!


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