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Banana palm miracle revisited

June 8, 2011

The sight of a venerable old chap, which could have been me, with a 10 Euro note stuck firmly on his forehead at lunch at Chateau Begude yesterday was the sign that things had gone rather well in the golf for at least one partnership. My partner, and fellow mustachioed old git, the wingco, lived down to expectations by contributing not one jot to our stunning victory over Captain and Mr Clipboard.  The very fact that Clipboard junior unilaterally decided to buy lunch after the debacle of handing over 10 Euros to each of the winners is a sign of just how deeply the Clipboards were whipped. That the result actually hung on the last putt is of no moment, the victory was a deeply deserved culmination of intense pressure, good gamesmanship (as opposed to sportsmanship) and lack of bottle from some Wellington types.

Lunch then was a joyous affair for some, miserable for others. I count myself fortunate to have been on the joyous team, and to have enjoyed lunch enormously, even being able to utilise an expression invented by old friend Peter Lynn this week, which ideally summed up one shot from Clipboard junior; “an Abdul Hamza”, which means a nasty hook, out of sight, the likes of which we never want to see again.

Today, as warned, is start of Savin week. The Savins when they come to visit are understandably overcome by the warm sunshine and the cheap rose and take full advantage of both, particularly the latter. The lady of the partnership, Janie is the one who last year spent a week watering my fake banana palm with spectacular results, as my re-used (sorry Moya) picture today encapsulates.

Its a miracle! Bananas "growing" on a fake palm

So expect to be regaled with gory tales of excessive alcoholic intake and golf, as Pedro, the other part of this two person invasion is quite a decent golfer, almost but not quite in my league, thus I have to give him a couple of shots start, however he is rather ancient so I do not mind this as long as he does the decent thing and loses to me on each outing. This is not normally an issue, in fact with one minor aberration I am unbeaten either home or away in some three years.  The only problem I envisage is the danger of a slight rash on my forehead where I shall be sticking the customary bank notes after victory.

If you think that this will preclude me from undertaking any services for Currencies Direct this week, you would be wrong. The Savin’s themselves will be prime targets as they have children living abroad and one never knows when they may need to transfer foreign exchange in a hurry.

Some adverse reactions in the comments section of this column yesterday, mainly it has to be said from the female sex, complaining about my diatribe about pink cars. Apparently quite a number of girls have either had, or more alarmingly still have pink cars and whilst it may have been an excuse during the flower power times and in the seventies, I will accept no excuse now. There is a comments section at the bottom of the page which often has much better material than the daily drivel I write, and if you are masochistic enough there is a subscription button low down on the right where you can ensure you never miss one riveting episode of this column, as it will be delivered to your computer every day! What joy! You may be astonished (as I am) to know that there are nearly a hundred dear sweet misguided souls who read this every day…

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    June 8, 2011 9:43 am

    “there are nearly a hundred dear sweet misguided souls who read this every day..”

    What a load of our souls………………..


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