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Pink Fiat 500? Why?

June 7, 2011

On my travels during last week, I think I found Neil (Mr) Humphrey’s new car. A pink Fiat 500 seems to me to be a very bold fashion statement or any kind of statement to make, and it is one that I will be trying to interpret in the coming days. I have featured it today as my picture and would welcome comments as to what it all means. I myself had an original Fiat 500 in 1972, but mine was the estate version, with a sun roof, so very up market. The sun roof came in really handy when one had to carry a big bass bin in the back on the way back from a gig with John Otway in about 1973, which would not fit unless the sun roof was open. Also, it was February, so a little fresh if I remember correctly.

Regular readers will know that I take my fashion lead from our local resident magistrate very seriously, so if this gives me an indication of the summer trends, it appears I need a new wardrobe as pink does not yet feature widely in my clothing collection.

I am sorry, I can accept no excuse for the colour unless there is a fashion statement that I do not understand

My angloinfo blog has posted again for this week, Happy Mondays indeed. I do hope I have been sufficiently grumpy for them, indeed I will be really grumpy myself unless I am once again victorious in all formats of golf this week. On Tuesday, I shall be playing 9 holes with Mr Clipboard , his father (Colonel Clipboard?) and the wingco, assuming the horrid thundery weather that has been dogging us (can I say that now in this context?) for a few days abates and then lunching at Chateau Begude, the golf course of choice for older people. Yes, it was indeed Mr Clipboard who chose the course, ostensibly because his father is rather old, but Mr Clipboard himself is no spring chicken and 18 holes appears to be 9 holes too many for him to be able to haul his paunch around the course without losing either interest or the will to live. Of course, as he is also a client, I shall endeavour to submit the cost of the round and the lunch to my accountant as a justifiable business expense.

Yesterday to Cafe Latin for more Currencies Direct work. A meeting with fellow music business professional Steve Tannet head honcho at Expresso songs and stunning wife Madeleine to reorganise their foreign exchange needs and to chew the fat about the demise of the music business which seems to be getting nearer every day. Whilst my claims to fame largely involve unsung rap artists, and popsters such as Bucks Fizz, Sam Fox and Rolf Harris, his stable is far more credible with the likes Glen Matlock and the legendary Chaz Jankel of Ian Dury & Blockheads fame amongst his interests.

As the rain cleared yesterday evening, I realised that the wingco must have loads of very fresh wine laid in for the aborted barbecue yesterday, so on some spurious pretext we happened past his house at 6pm to help ensure the wine did not go off. 2010 is going to be a vintage year, I hear. So, having made the customary dent in his wine lake, we headed into Valbonne Square where the Clipboard family were dining, just to set the bets for the golf today. I offered Mr Clipboard a discount on the bet if he paid up front, but for some reason he did not accept this generous offer, so I expect this will cost him dearly.

Chris France

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  1. Julie permalink
    June 7, 2011 8:15 am

    Now no knocking pink cars.. I have a pink suzuki alto its fabulous! £20 tax for the year. Didn’t you have a Daimler too circa 1973?


    • June 7, 2011 8:43 am

      Ah, the Daimler Conquest, rather apt name for me at the time…but it wasn’t pink!


  2. Pinman permalink
    June 7, 2011 8:35 am

    “I have a pink suzuki”………

    A handsome Tesco “helper” was carrying shopping to the car for a young housewife when, fancying him like mad, she said “I must tell you, I have an itchy pussy” He replied
    “I’m sorry, all these Japanese cars look the same to me!”…………


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