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Bozone shows no sign of thinning

December 16, 2010

I found a photo of our token Australian Denis Railton who plays golf with the REGS, and it seemed apt to show it as he has made a mess of things, red wine everywhere, and that seemed to me to have some resonance with the Australian cricket team. As I write this I am on the sofa with a bottle of wine and I am be able to report a great start to the 3rd Ashes Test for England.

Denis The Menace - with red wine anyway

Last evening I attended the Inter Nations Christmas get together in Sophia Antipolis where I was once again in the missionary position so to speak, spreading the word about Currencies Direct. The majority of the attendees were female and most quite attractive and so I felt duty bound to arrange several rendez-vous for no other reason in order to try to satisfy my missionary zeal (to save people money, what else did you think?). On the way back at 9pm I see the temperature is minus 3, which is very cold for the cote d’azur, but apparently not as cold as back in the UK. Yesterday morning I awoke to discover ice on my pool which is only the second time in 3 years that this has happened. Early this morning I was just sitting looking through the window with Banjo at the frost. I suppose I should let him in at some stage.

That nice lady decorator returns tomorrow and will discover the house spotless as usual, as long as the contract cleaners show up on time. My daughter will be delighted to see her back at home to resume her cooking duties, indeed my daughter is also delighted to have lost a kilo this week, despite not being on a diet. Clearly the wholesome culinary offerings that are my watchword in the kitchen have had this effect, I just wish it had worked on me. I guess it might be because I reckon I have innate ability in the kitchen and to back that up am prepared to eat anything I create. That nice lady decorator agrees about my abilities in the kitchen area…as long as I am restricted to opening bottles of wine, she has said before that I am a whore in the kitchen.

Later today, after a sleep (!) I must journey to the other side of Valbonne for one of those meetings to which I alluded to above, Yet another estate agent is about to have the scales removed from their eyes and to affiliate to Currencies Direct. Many of the French agents are a bit blind to the commercial possibilities in this sphere. It is often a mystery to me how the French ever got around to formulating the word entrepreneur which is presumably a French word. Usually the French agents represent a bit of a bozone, which is a substance which surrounds stupid people and precludes good ideas from entering. With a few worthy exceptions there seems little chance of it breaking down in the near future.

Chris France
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