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Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

December 15, 2010

Talking of cricket, which I will be soon, I am reminded of the old Tommy Cooper joke where  a man goes into the doctors and says I’ve got a cricket ball stuck up my bottom”, the doctor said “hows that?” I said “Don’t you start”.

The 3rd Ashes Test starts tomorrow morning in Perth, Western Australia at around 3.00am French time, so I am torn; A late night or an early night and get up early? I wonder if Banjo, the  decidedly dodgy springer spaniel will once again influence this decision? I saw a piece on the TV last night showing a woman being whipped under sharia law for wearing trousers, I wonder what the punishment would be lined up for Banjo for keeping me awake most of the night by barking at the lawnmower? or defacating constantly within feet of my hammock?, crucifiction at the very least? Max the proper dog knows what’s good for him in my picture today, playing dead, just to wind Banjo up.

Max catching up on some much needed zzz's

This evening I will be attending the Inter Nations Christmas party at Sophia Antipolis as part of my continued networking for Currencies Direct.  Its weird that name, Sophia Antipolis, but whenever I hear it I think of Sophie, an old girl friend who’s father was a policeman. It is fair to say that I was not the most popular person he had ever met, in fact he was one of the policemen that stopped me eleven times in my yellow Austin A40 in a two week period when I was 17. I asked him how his daughter was and he gave me a ticket for having a defective rear numberplate light, he just didn’t like me, and I suspect the main reason was he knew what his daughter was getting up to with a long haired layabout, as I once heard him describe me.

Yet another magazine has come calling, asking for my valuable input, so valuable is this input that I cannot put a price on its value, the problem is that neither can they or rather they wont! Thatsnicemagazine is the name of this erstwhile publication, not necessarily being nice, but rather focussing on what is happening in Nice so I decided to drive a hard bargain; I will write about anything they want as long as I can in the customary plug for Currencies Direct, Could this be described as Nice work if you can get it?.

My culinary skills are one again put to the fullest test whilst the nice ldy decorator is sunning herself and whilst the lamb curry surprise tasted delicious to me, my daughter, the intended lucky recipient of the other portion of this gastronomic delight feigned illness and then sickness in order, presumably, not to have to eat it.  You might ask what was the surprise ingredient, but in the immortal lines from the Spanish Inquisition sketch from Monty Python, “my two main weopons are fear and surprise and I think I successfully managed to combine both into last nights gastronomic creation.h.

Chris France

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