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Conker season coming to climax

November 9, 2010

Allergists may be scratching their heads about it but there has been much interest in the flowery shirt worn to my lunch on Sunday by Tim Bascaye, so it is the subject of today’s picture. Clearly I have a hitherto unrecognised gay readership, although maybe there are just a lot of Mr Humphries fans following his every fashion movement. Perhaps they all thought he should be wearing it, judge for yourself below;

You have to be a real man to wear that especially if you resemble Chris Evans!

Lucy from red radish is going to run the Nice marathon shortly in aid of Cancer Research. Now astonishingly in her 40’s she is hoping to break 4 hours and if she does it will be a fantastic achievement.  Even I have donated to the cause, and you can as well by clicking here I just hope she decides which hat to wear before setting off.

Lucy from Red Radish, in deep training for the marathon. Now which hat will it be??

Tomorrow evening I am preparing to meet a dragon.  It’s not what you think, that nice lady decorator will be accompanying me, but I don’t recall ever before being in the presence of 2 dragons at the same time. The Riviera Business Club event features Rachel Elnaugh who appeared as dragon on the popular TV programme Dragons Den where budding entrepreneurs presented their ideas for new businesses. She will be at Sophia talking about her experiences. I shall be there in my capacity as  a regional coordinator for Currencies Direct, so I shall be able to advise here on the best way to move her Euro fee back into sterling

That nice lady decorator has become  a little fed up with some of the things I write in this column and has told me I should grow up, become less immature and try to spend some time in the adult world, but I told here there was no chance if that until after the conker season had finished. As Sigmund Freud once said, “I had some words with my wife and she had some paragraphs with me”

This is an early warning of the Christmas fair at Le Bastide St Matthieu on December 2nd.  Backsliders will not be tolerated, this is a first warning, expect more…names will be taken and the guilty, i.e absent, noted and castigated.

I hear from my even less well-educated than me, lager swilling friend in UK, Paul North, who makes a ridiculously good living from selling fridge magnets. His knowledge of and interest in wine is zero, and he has some unrepeatable comments to make about my local wine drinking fraternity, often featured in this column. I believe he thinks a Bordeaux is where two borders meet and ventures the opinion that a chateau is something cat owners should use to collect their droppings. Did I really need any other reason to have moved to France?

Chris France

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