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Man Flu Strikes

November 4, 2010

Man flu is still upon me yet I receive little sympathy from that nice lady decorator. Can she not see my suffering? Does she not remember how I looked after her when she was suffering similar levels of distress during childbirth?  It is so selfish it is an outrage.

The rapids of The Brague, well, water running over a couple of rocks anyway

But despite my illness, I was still determined to undertake my normal morning constitutional in the Valmasque and along the Brague River where I took this picture. That nice lady decorator declined to push my wheelchair, so I had to walk, another outrage, has she no sympathy?

My Happy Mondays blog for Angloinfo is all agreed, and will appear next Monday, assuming it does not end up on the cutting room floor. I have supplied a picture, but curiously I have been asked about “panoramic jpegs” but don’t remember them, were they a sixties supergroup?
My writing tentacles are spreading as my article for The Riviera Times was published yesterday, click here to view.

With FR2day awash with my scribblings and having mopped up all the major local on line portals (with the exception of the Riviera Reporter, but they will come round), the next logical step is the book. Chris France, author, sounds good, I may have to get my passport changed, there is considerable difference between the terms “writer” and “author”, especially if you have an ego the size of Devon like I have.

Now that the sunshine has returned, and to celebrate a npb (a new personal best for the year) of 3 full days without a drink, which I would like to call teetotalitarionism (I think I will submit that to the Washington Post for their annual competition of embellishing existing words to give new meaning). I think it would be unwise to delay taking the opportunity for a beach lunch this week. Perhaps today?

From that you will have realised that we did not go to the new wine bar in Valbonne as I distinctly overheard in a phone conversation between that nice lady decorator. I can only assume that the hallucinations continue.

Hot news is that the French unions have just cancelled their strike today, so it looks like Sarkozy has got his own way about raising the retirement age. So what will the unions do now? Watch out for a union strike protesting about their strike failure?

Looking forward to the weekend, when I will be attempting to catch up on my secret alcohol consumption plan, a surprise party on Saturday, but it would not be a surprise I revealed for whom or where, I believe we are staging lunch for a few drunkards on Sunday before a day of rest, and then on the the nearly sold out Riviera Business Club event at nearby  Sophia Antipolis on Tuesday for Currencies Direct, where former dragon from “Dragons Den” Rachel Elmaugh is talking. I do hope Lucy at red radish will be responsible for  the food.

Chris France

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