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Unwritten rule transgression

November 3, 2010

It has been suggested that this blog may convert well into a book, but the bookie in me wonders what are the odds on that?  I would not have to create any characters, they are all here in front of me, no invention needed!

That nice lady decorator has been, well, decorating, apparently a couple of walls and some furniture needed painting, and I am in trouble because I didn’t notice, either that they needed painting, that they had been painted or indeed that paint was still wet.

Clearly I had transgressed the unwritten rule in the same way as the victims of the Piranha Brothers in Monty Python. The exact interpretation of the unwritten rule is unknown because it is unwritten, at least in her fit of pique she didn’t try to napalm Cheltenham, like the Piranha Brothers but a similarly fiery response was received by me for this clear transgression.

Moya Janko yesterday praises me for irony in this column, pointing it that Americans would not get it, and indeed I don’t went Americans to get it. It would be deeply ironic if any of my regular readers were American. Dave Worth, my token Americal reader is not really American in spirit, and far too well educated to be included amongst his fellow countrymen for the sake of my humour. I don’t know why but I have in my mind Dick Van Dyke singing “any old iron(y)”. I must keep taking the tablets.

My picture today was taken on my morning constitutional along The Brague, with the river still high after the weekend storms.

A tributory, just as it joins the Brague River near Valbonne

I have now survived two whole nights without a drink and thus am approaching uncharted waters, water being the operative word.  My imagination is running wild and hallucinations are regular, I even thought I saw Neil Humpreys (he was free) in a sober suit and tie, with no purple anywhere, so I know I was hallucinating.

This week as in most weeks I will be continuing my work for Currencies Direct and as such I am required to watch the news to find out if there are factors which may affect the exchange rate, and last night I watched in horror as England and France agreed to effectively pool their armed forces. Now I am not old enough to remember the 2nd world war and the way the French collapsed and I am aware of the phrase “cheese eating surrender monkeys” because I heard it from Rupert Scott every day fro 2 years.

Now it seems to me that this is a recipe for disaster. Who is in charge?what language will prevail? when the order comes to charge, will the French all rush for their calculators and claim service is not included? If not, then in which direction will the French charge?

Tonight I have discovered by way of an overheard phone call, that we are more than likely going to La Kavanou the new Valbonne wine bar this evening. I did not overhear enough to be certain or to find out who we are meeting, doubtless all will be revealed by decree or fatwah at some stage later today.

Chris France

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