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Facebook Face Off

October 1, 2010

Just outside Plascassier stands the house where Edith Piaf died. It is owned by Rupert Scott who is kind enough to have previously offered us the opportunity to use his tennis court that stands in the grounds. The tennis results in a resounding trouncing for Mr Surrey and Pash, a Gulfstream pilot who, with his penchant for the lob is clearly all about altitude, one particular mustachioed old git being on spectacular form.
Rupert happens to be at home when we arrive, so we  invite him to join us at lunch, with a late change of venue to Auberge de Provence in Plascassier as the Auberge St Donat was full. Rupert is always one for a good story, and tells us of his son borrowing the car and an Air rifle and doing some poaching, trouble is his son was 14…. Lunch was a slightly tamer affair than usual due to my presence being required at Villefranche Sur Mer, from where I am writing this, whilst enjoying this view.

A nice view to wake up to of the bay at Villefranche Sur Mer

Red Radish catering were looking after the food offerings at the Riviera Business Club and the nice lady plasterer was pressed into waitressing, a fine reward I thought for 19 years of marriage. She however did not see it that way and I was thus relieved of rather too many Euros for some trinkets at the market before the off.
Facebook was the subject of the Riviera Business Club, formerly known as the British Chamber Of Commerce, before it was discovered it was being run by a Dutchman.and a number of interesting facts came  to light. In 6 years since Facebook started with the sole aim to get to know girls, it has signed up 500 million users in 180 countries (there are only 192 recognised in total) and that by the time of the Olympics in 2012 they will have a billion people signed up . Scary stuff, although why anyone wants to know that their friend is on the toilet defeats me.
The point being made is that Facebook and the internet generally is ripping up all pre conceived notions of advertising spend and information dissemination. Thankfully, as an old git, I am hoping that I will not have to embrace this movement towards social networking, I and old-fashioned enough to still enjoy the face to face way of doing it. Indeed I met some interesting people last night, many of whom will soon become customers of Currencies Direct and enjoy all the resultant benefits.
Villefranche is charming, slightly sleepy, lovely little alleyways, galleries, a pretty port area, and a nice hotel with views across the port and bay towards the beach, The venue for the meeting last night was a fantastic room above the 14th Century Chapelle St Pierre, right on the sea front, with a great balcony with views across the bay. blimey I am sounding like a travel guide!
Today 9 holes of golf late morning where I shall once again beat the wingco, Paul Thornton Allan and Mr Surrey and stick the customary banknote to my forehead in time honoured celebration of victory, then a spot of lunch at Chateau Begude, life can be so tough..
Then tomorrow a full on golf event with The Riviera Times at St Donut, despite the fact that my promised column in this months issue has not materialised. I believe they are saving it for the bigger Christmas issue. That’s what they told me and that is what I want to believe. there is a cup up for grabs, so an early night and no alcohol would be the sensible option.  However, the s chances of that happening are a little remote!

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    October 1, 2010 4:49 pm

    “There is a cup up for grabs”

    It should be presented to Issy for 19 years of endurance !!



  2. MikeP permalink
    October 1, 2010 5:19 pm

    I abhor Facebook, Twatter, InkedIn and all social nit-twatting sites. I understand that the whole bloody lot are going to be amalgamated and it will be called YouTwatBook.


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