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Estate Agents Challenge Revealed

September 30, 2010

To Mr Surrey for dinner requires a tightrope of time management to be walked. 7 30 – 8.00 gives one, on the face of it, half an hour with which to juggle, but should we arrive nearer to 7 30 or 8?, to avoid the opprobrium (never of course formally expressed) of being late, or worse, early.  These are scenarios I am keen to avoid. Luckily the wingo has no such qualms and arrives with his delectable wife Maryse  a full 45 minutes (about 6.5 “Spensleys”) late for the dinner and I can almost feel Mr Surrey’s displeasure.
Much ribald humour abounds whilst a concerted attempt was made by the guests to a lowering of the EEC wine lake, with Wayne from FR2day and Lucy from Red Radish in fine form. Also in attendance was senior HSBC banking and property sort Nigel Hindle, who regales us with stories from when he and Mr Surrey were estate agents in London in the 1980’s.
I will draw a discreet veil over some of the more dubious practices, but never again will I allow an estate agent to be other than closely supervised when visiting my properties. The apparently often used “challenge” of trying to find out in 30 seconds what kind of contraception the owners used amuses and appalls me in equal measure.
I make no apology for showing again one of my favourite pictures of the year from late spring of Mr Hindle on top form posing on a stage reserved for a fashion show in Valbonne.

Senior HSBC executive loosens up before work

Tonight to the Riviera Business Club event in Villefranche Sur Mer in my capacity as a Regional Controller for Currencies Direct, where I shall be learning the secrets of Facebook networking from an expert who organises Facebook pages for such luminaries as Wayne Rooney.
I will be especially intrigued to find out if his social networking activities have in any way contributed to the spate of allegations about his private life. I hope to be able to enlighten you, especially as to how to lure older women into ones net!
Of course the main reason for attending is that the catering is in the hands of the afore-mentioned Lucy whose red radish team will be augmented by that nice lady decorator, who has been pressed into service for the evening. I can only hope that she does not end up “sampling” the champagne too much whilst working.  It has happened before and will happen again.
Rather than travel back I shall be staying to celebrate (if that is the correct word) my wedding anniversary at the renowned Welcome Hotel overlooking the port and seaside in Villefranche. Before that this morning tennis where no doubt the mustachioed old gits will once again strain their guts, netting a win (that’s enough tennis talk), followed by lunch at the Auberge St Donat.
Thus a busy day ahead which will strain my constitution to the limits and then a day of recovery I hope before the Riviera Times Golf Cup tournament on Saturday at the lovely St Donat, where I shall be meeting some of my future fans whom will doubtless want to meet the publications newest columnist.
Chris France

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