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OK, one more at least

May 7, 2014

Ok, maybe I will struggle on for a little while. My revelation that I was about to end this daily missive in was met with a chorus (slightly muted chorus that is) of steadfast followers of this column demanding that I continue to write it. Biker Matt made the very valid point that should it no longer appear, he would be bereft when it came to his morning ablutions, and who am I to be the cause of constipation? The Reverend Jeff was concerned that his creative juices may go unsqueezed, unlike much of the rest of him if what I hear from his partner (with whom he has lived in sin for some 30 years) says, and Poly Bufton has absolutely forbidden me to stop.

The lovely Linda Monks, a reader for some 4 years, and fellow Currencies Direct operative, questioned what she would read over her morning Barista (which sounds vaguely legal), although nothing was to be heard from her sheep loving partner Alan. David Baumann made the very fine suggestion that I should give up the 5:2 diet rather than the blog, but Wayne Brown suggested that rather than the 75 people he told me had tried to persuade him not to renew the website domain, that in fact he was being kind and it was more like 125. John Gwynn aboard HMS Victory joined the “Save The Blog” campaign initiated by Captain Bligh himself, Phil Pennicott, and Jeroen from ABK properties suggested that in France one cannot resign just like that. There is the usual French bureaucracy to go through with three months notice, a cooling off period and registered letters.

Roly Bufton celebrates not havig to have this blog read to him at breakfast by minesweeping the Auberge St Donat

Roly Bufton celebrates prematurely not having to have this blog read to him at breakfast by mine sweeping at the Auberge St Donat

From the vast majority of my readers however, there has hitherto been a deafening silence. Do I sense that a large majority of regular readers were relieved that they did not have to read the column to make sure they were not mentioned? I had a discussion about this last night at Cafe Des Arcades with Peter Blue Water Bennett, who has, in the past, actually paid me to write, and several others about the future. The lovely Janie Savin said “thank god, I can water the plastic banana palm without a picture appearing in the blog”. Paul “Slash And Burn” Thornton Allan was fully of the opinion that I should be stopped, and curiously, that seemed to infuse me with some backbone. Some may like this column (as can be seen from the many comments both here and on Facebook, for which I thank you) others fear it. I think it is the fear that will drive me on for a little time yet.

So the first social occasion of the visit of The Savins was, rather gratifyingly, dominated by discussion about me or this column. A little like an Oscar winner, I had not prepared a speech, but tears were near. Especially just after we got the bill.

Today, I shall venture onto a golf course for the first time in two years, since my enforced move to the UK. No one in their right mind plays golf when it is windy, cloudy, wet or cold and it is usually at least three of those four back in England whenever you plan an outside activity. Indeed I saw pictures of a barbecue being staged by Simon “”Who Ate All The Pies” Barrett back in the old country last weekend and there was a wonderful display of wet weather gear and mufflers. I shall be wagering £5 that I can beat house guest Peter Savin. For new readers the same rules will apply. A victory for me will be trumpeted loudly, but should I be subject to anything less, then pressure of space in this column will probably preclude any mention.

Chris France


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  1. May 7, 2014 8:11 am

    Nice one!, with Cafe au lait in hand, was pleasantly surprised when I logged on to see that there is a blog today, the Barista partaker has yet to get out of his pit!, but I am equally sure that he too will be delighted to read one more blog!, even if the word sheep was mentioned against his name! we too are in favor of you giving up the 5:2 diet for the blog!, and as for French beaurocracy, I shall get a mandat drawn up and will take it to the social media sites for save the blog campaign!, with a few clause suspensives added which will mean that there will be no get out clauses to stop blogging!, here endeth my rant for this morning, now back to my cafe au lait


  2. May 7, 2014 9:29 am

    Chris, you caused me to burn my toast this morning as I was ingrossed in your comeback blog! I was going to suggest that if 7 days a week was too much for you, you could always do it 3 times a week and maybe that would leave your readers wanting for more. Does this sound slightly suggestive?


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