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Avoiding cricketing ignominy in Cyprus

April 7, 2014

What a beautiful setting for a cricket match, and what a perfectly named venue in which to play it. Happy Valley is the name of ground, pictured today, on which the second game of the Sussex Seniors tour to Cyprus was played, and where I made my debut. It was not entirely unsatisfactory as I managed to grind out 24 runs before sacrificing my wicket in a run chase, for which the chances of winning were negligible. I also managed an over of rather variable leg spin. The Army team, whose average age was around 30, were able to post an imposing total of 207 in their 35 overs. It was a very substantial score and, was increased significantly by the fielding by our side with an average age somewhere in the late 60’s. Whereas they were able to turn 4’s into 1’s, we were able to do the exact opposite.  Despite a curious innings by a very tall chap who thought it was a test match and played accordingly, we got within 40 of the young whipper snappers total. So another defeat but without ignominy.

Naturally, the team celebrated this avoidance of ignominy. First with beers at the ground in the sunshine and then back in Limossol, where we watched a similarly intriguing match, the final of the World Cup 20:20 between India and Sri Lanka, won by the latter, at Francs bar across the road from the hotel. Ok, perhaps that match was a bit more entertaining for the spectators, but I enjoyed the cricket we played more.

cricket in cyprus

Happy Valley for happy debutante

Thereafter, a breakaway section of the team ventured a few hundred yards up the road towards the centre of Limossol where I had a delightful grilled trout and was comparatively abstemious with the wine, although I accept that in recent days the norms of intake have being considerably higher than usual. I think it was Cypriot wine that was a little less tart than on previous evening, but it may be that I am just getting used to it.  I was able to bring the benefits of opening an account with Currencies Direct into the conversation thereby, in my opinion, making the expense of dinner, in face come to think of it the whole tour, as a justifiable business expense. After all, the a Sussex Seniors are now accredited affiliates and I have been involved in customer training. I can hear the harrumph of my accountant from here.

Having now played and even received some compliments, I can now dare to wear the Sussex Seniors sweater I bought on the winter, without those looks indicating a lack of entitlement with which I was greeted when I wore it at nets, initially unaware of the consternation I was causing. I had put it away since that day, but it will come out to play again in July when I hope to play regularly in the County Senior League. It has even been suggested that I should make myself available for the Over 50’s, but I kind of like being one of the youngest in the team.

Before that though, I have a lot if living to do, starting with the Isle Of Death Wight next Friday, then in to Spain to explore Sanander?, Bilbao and the norther Spanish coast, which is reputedly very beautiful and to which neither myself or That Nice Lady Decorator have been. A few days exploration and then we commence the drive east past the Pyrenees across France to Valbonne. I have one last day in the sunshine today before flying back to Gatwick tonight. I shall savour it as I am hearing it is dull and wet back in the UK. Warm and sunny here…

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    April 7, 2014 2:06 pm

    ” I think it was the Cypriot wine that was a little less tart than previous evenings…..”

    I’m glad that the fruit of the vine,
    Was tasted and judged to be fine,
    A wine that’s less tart,
    Is a joy to to the heart,
    Like a tart with a little less whine !!

    Sounds like the cricket went well and to get within forty runs against youngsters is a good achievement. Good stuff !!


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