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Can’t see through the glass?

January 7, 2014

I was not looking forward to yesterday as I was saying good-bye to an old friend, and I hate funerals, but as it turned out, it was not a service but a really nice celebration of her life with an excellent eulogy, made by a glass blowing aficionado. There were no churches involved and it was particularly rewarding for me because there was none of that mumbo jumbo religious nonsense, much to the undoubted chagrin of the Reverend Jeff, whom I saw for the first time in many years at yesterday’s moving event. As an atheist, refusing to believe in some kind of a higher omnipotent being, I am always on edge when being required to be present at any event where praying and singing nonsensical songs is involved, well, unless it was at, say a Hawkwind or Gong gig.

A summary of Karen Lawrence’ glass-blowing life was fascinating in that I had not realised how revered she had been in those circles. I had always told her that I had heard that she did a wonderful blow job, and with her wicked and combative sense of humour she had normally got the better of me in our friendly exchanges. Later, after the event had finished, the gathering was treated to a private exhibition of some of her work at a nearby pub after the ceremony at the crematorium. It was beautifully crafted range of exquisite glass bowls and plates, and I know she would have been amused and would have had a good retort to my comment that it would be nice to see through some of the glass. I will miss her.

She had been the partner of my oldest friend, and Currencies Direct client, John Otway, for over 25 years and we all once lived together in a flat in London two decades ago. All great fun and full of memories, many of which were discussed yesterday with loads of old disparate pals.

figure in pub

A startling resemblance to a much younger Reverend Jeff

The only one looking a little forlorn was the god bothering Reverend Jeff, father of the amusingly named BBC South weather girl, Holly Green. I say forlorn because the passage of time has clearly not been as good to him as it has to me and to his lovely partner Nicki, whom looks more like she should be his daughter than, well, I would like to say wife, but the good Reverend no doubt has his reasons for living in sin for so many years. I think he must think hypocrisy is a type of plant. Anyway, we discussed what I thought, and almost everyone else there thought, that it was a beautiful memorial event for Karen but the Reverend was later heard bemoaning the absence of hymns and bible readings, again, failing to appreciate the hypocritical overtones that would flow from adhering to religious convention against Karens firmly held agnostic beliefs. That he will want to bore us all to death with all that far-fetched Christian burial claptrap at his own funeral is a given, and is the only reason I hope I die before him. At least then I would not have to go his funeral!

So after a traumatic couple of days, it is back to the reality of a diet day today. If the weather relents then I may do the full 6 miles across from The Dover, the parking area on the way to Patching from Arundel, arriving back in time for some tasty gruel. It is a wonderful walk in lovely weather, so I have never yet experienced it as I expect it can be, and with the weather forecast still dreadful, I doubt I shall be able to enjoy it in its full glory. One simply must prepare for the coming weeks events, which begin with a flight to Tenerife on Tuesday, where I shall be spending a week sunbathing and paying homage to my liver.

Chris France


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  1. Rev. Jeff. permalink
    January 7, 2014 11:45 am

    Yes I’m afraid my funeral service will be wall to wall hymn singing and loads of Bible readings so you have been warned !!

    It was a nice enough sending off but lacked the warmth of a proper Christian funeral service although If that’s how Karen chose to depart this life that’s entirely her choice. I was amused though by the playing in full of her choice of a Van Morrison song speaking about being born again in another life- truly God always has the last laugh.I do find people so inconsistent in their bizarre beliefs. I have even heard people denying the possibility of God while in the next breath telling me they believe in ‘fate’, a transcendent ‘purpose’ to life, ‘destiny’, a’Mr.Right’, a ‘great scheme to things’ etc etc. Either ‘meaning’ is a transcendent reality or simply another abstract idea man has made up. If the latter is true then all the illogical absurdities I hear spouted about the glory of man making his own meaning out of the ultimate meaningless of the human condition are utter hogwash. St. Paul hit the nail on the head when he said ‘If God is not real then eat ,drink and be merry for tomorrow we die’. I know that’s how you see life and good luck to you but let’s cut out all the sentimental bullshit and admit that we are simply animals with the bottom line ‘Do what you want shall be the whole of the law’. I can’t stand hypocrisy and I see it in so much of atheist/ humanist thinking.

    Anyway great to see you and Issy looking so well and the ‘tache is terrific-I was quite jealous. Love the picture-thought it was me when I first logged on !


  2. Rev. Jeff. permalink
    January 7, 2014 12:17 pm

    Chris is looking o.k. on the whole,
    Time has not taken too great a toll,
    But he’ll find out one day,
    Just like Dorian Gray,
    There’s a price when you mortgage your soul !

    And when we are speaking of the The Bank of The Devil think more The Kray Twins than Currencies Direct !!


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