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Ark time approaches

January 2, 2014

Having spent the day drinking and socialising with our house guests, the beautiful, blonde bombshell Janie (not Janey as I was rather forcefully reminded – she is a magnificent sight when roused, something that I….I think I will stop there) and her crusty and considerably older husband Peter Savin – a clearer case of the beauty with the beast I have never seen – I retired early and set the alarm for 11.30pm  so that I could awake to witness the early stages of the final Ashes Cricket Test Match between Australia band England in Sydney. I had reluctantly risen from a deep sleep, made a cup of tea and settled down in front of the TV and that was when I discovered that it does not start until this evening.

Until that moment it had been a splendid day, despite and partly because of the magnificently inclement weather. We have had a series of spectacularly wet days, culminating in a disgracefully wet and windy monstrosity yesterday. At high tide in Arundel, the water once again escaped the banks at the Waterfront Cafe and the Causeway, which links Arundel with Amberley, was within just a few inches of being covered, the area on both sides of the road flooded as far as the eye can see as my picture today taken on that road shows. It is fascinating in the same way as a plane crash. Awful, but intriguing.

floods in sussex

The flooded fields of Sussex around Amberley. ark building should commence immediately

We had thought about going to Bosham and Dell Quay, to show our guests the area, but with flood water threatening to cut us off we settled for a pint at the Bridge at Amberley whilst keeping an eye in the rising water, then escaped back to the George and Dragon at Houghton on the way back to spend a splendidly wasteful afternoon in front of the fire at The White Hart next door.

As I awoke this morning, having finally got to sleep at 2am courtesy of them staring the cricket match a day late, I noticed a strange orange light creeping over the bedspread. Yes, the day has dawned sunny, which is ironic as our house guests leave later this morning. They will have seen nothing of the area as they have spent their time crammed for short periods in That Nice Lady Decorators smelly skip, otherwise known as the 4×4, interspersed with brief rain sodden and wind-blown head-down dashes from car to pub and back.

The world of commerce gradually awakens today after the festive hiatus, so I will have to spend some time working on the benefits to you of opening an account with Currencies Direct, and ensuring the international music industry returns to action, but that should leave time for lunch after my usual bathroom scale defeating walk around the sodden countryside. i think the Mulberry on the way to petworth, Chris Evans pub, is in the frame, but I have not yet been informed for certain.

It was yesterday, during my epic march in atrocious conditions that I had a warming thought. Just 14 days from then, 13 from now, I shall be putting on shorts for the first time since October and sipping a cocktail in warmth and sunshine on a beach in Tenerife. It seemed so utterly incongruous to consider such a treat as I battled through the mud, with the rain blowing sideways, the puddles with the seeping dampness encroaching even through the waterproofs, but it was that thought that sustained me at the worst moments, which lasted the entire hour of the trek.

Chris France

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    good point, well made…



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