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Cathedral caused local traffic chaos

December 26, 2013

After the early morning present opening, it was time for the morning constitutional during a brief break in this, the most unpleasant spell of English weather that I can recall. How I hanker for the sublime calm winter conditions in Provence. We took the car up to Arundel castle for a trot around this fine estate. On our way up the hill in mid morning it was like rush hour, with loads of cars double parked and parking badly, which prompted me to say to That Nice Lady Decorator that there must be something going on that we did not know about. She turned to me and said acidly “do you think it might have something to do with the cathedral and it being Christmas?”.

She had a point. There are a great number of lost souls who need to rely on religion or a belief in something not real to sustain themselves in life, a higher being upon whom they can rely as a crutch when things go wrong, or they cannot cope with the vagaries of life. Luckily I am not so afflicted and am able to decide my fate without reliance on the equivalent of witchcraft in order to enjoy my existence. Enjoy is the operative word here. Do any of you know anyone who is not religious who is consumed by the same guilt to which those god bothers submit? I prefer to believe that we are here for an average of 70 odd years and, as long as you are strong minded enough not to have to rely on the belief that something or someone holds away over your life, you can enjoy it without feeling you should repent.

turkey hat

A festive hat spotted in the Kings Arms

It was with that thought firmly in my mind that yesterday, Christmas Day, I tucked into a wonderful 1985 St Emilion Grand Cru Classe (courtesy of Debs Frost who discovered a hoard that her ex husband had stored in the garage and forgotten about). Earlier we had begun proceedings at The White Hart, open only from 11 until 1, forcing us to adjourn to the packed Kings Arms I order to build up an appetite for lunch. It is the perfect English pub at Christmas, a fact reflected by the attendance. It was packed but I am proud to say that we were the last to leave.

As to those presents; well, I did get some socks as I predicted. However even I could not have predicted the number of pairs. It will take me some time to work my way through 17 of them, especially as I like to wear them for at least a week before changing them. In fact by my calculations, they should last me the whole year before any of them need to be washed.

Roast duck, rather than boring turkey was the decision for lunch, taken at about 5pm, and with the 4th Ashes Test Match in Melbourne commencing close to midnight local time, cricket fans amongst you will not be surprised to know that I decided on a late siesta, rising in time for the start. What they may be more surprised to know is that I dreamed of securing more customers for Currencies Direct during my slumber. Perhaps that should not be that startled. Christmas is of course a time if great joy and what could be more joyful that making a foreign exchange translation where you have not been fleeced by your bank? I suppose, upon reflection, I could think of a few things, but I was happy in my dream, and convinced that only good can come from opening an account.

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff. permalink
    December 26, 2013 4:28 pm

    The Rev. said ‘I get the impression
    Young Chris needs to go to confession,
    Like a dog with a bone,
    He won’t leave God alone,
    And his rantings just sound like obsession’ !!


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