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Worthy Electrical advice?

December 12, 2013

I got home exhausted, drawn, shaking. I had been out at work since an impossibly early start of, I can hardly think it let alone say it, 09.30 in the morning. Can you imagine? I was surprised that it was not still dark. No self-respecting lush like myself should be seriously expected to depart his pit at such an early moment, it is an outrage. Then, having driven to the northern edge of civilisation, Beaconsfield, was in a continual meeting until 4pm, although it did continue through a very convivial luncheon, made considerably less convivial as I was unable to indulge in almost any ale on account that I had to drive myself! (Could that be described as small beer?) Where is ones chauffeur in such circumstances?

It gets worse. Fog blighted part of the journey. December fog. In England. Far enough north that the sun barely gets above the horizon at noon. Then having to drive all the way back in the dark and the mist, I arrived back in Arundel at nearly 6pm, very late, well after gin and tonic o’ clock, quivering with fatigue. There was only one thing for it: a couple of pints at the Kings Arms to rejuvenate and restore some sanity and from where I took this photo. Wise words indeed.

electric sign

A worthy thought

I know of no man who could have stood up to such a debilitating day better than myself. Obviously I shall need a month or so of rest and recuperation before I shall be able to claim full recovery, but I am strong in mind and body and I will bounce back, albeit that being a very slow bounce. Now I know how Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE feels after one of his treks into the Antarctic or wherever.

But like our intrepid explorer above, one has to balance the achievements against the personal hardships and if I think about what has been achieved, then I suppose, in the fullness of time, it will all have been worthwhile. At least there have been no symptoms of frostbite yet visible, so I may have escaped such a destiny. Anyway, talking of destiny, the future of the global music industry is now safe for the time being, so the OBE cannot now be far behind. Dare I start thinking about how Sir Christopher might sound? If our sideboard-endowed cycling wonder, Sir Bradley Wiggins, can be knighted, I feel I must be near the top of the list. After all, I too have some exaggerated and remarkable facial hair. If not for services to popular music, then perhaps services to the foreign exchange sector as a result of my sterling (did you see what I did there?) work with Currencies Direct, helping people who need to move money around the world out of the cloying and expensive grasp of their banks?

I shall deserve a lie in this morning, but there is no rest for the hardworking. I shall have to drag myself from my bed again this morning, although not at such extreme an hour, as I have business to do in Arundel before midday so another early start. How do I do it? I think clean living is in part responsible.

In the pub last evening, we encountered Fearless Feckless Fricker, the absent landlord from Petworth, who seems to spend more time in the Kings Arms than his own pub. He was keen to remind me about the No Parsley Lunch on Friday. Talking of which, one of the limericks in the comments section of this column yesterday seeks to make the case for parsley, but of course there can be no defence.

Chris France

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  1. December 12, 2013 10:53 am

    They say Chris likes “swinging the lead”,
    But that’s not why he lingers in bed :
    He’s conserving his strength
    To review at great length
    His Blog which he’s not even read !


  2. Rev. Jeff. permalink
    December 12, 2013 11:59 am

    His mind has again taken flight,
    He’s now got a ‘gong’ in his sight !
    But it surely must be,
    A deserved O.B.E.
    Coz ‘ Old Big Ead’ is just about right !


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