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Abbey Road and Fawlty Towers

September 10, 2013

After a full half-day of work the day before yesterday in Cannes, and as a caring boss, even although I am the only employee, I had decided to give myself a day off in lieu, and go to Cannes for lunch again. Meeting up with Gordon “Pink Panther” Cato and the lovely Pauline at Rado Plage seemed a nice way to relax ahead of the big push north today for Germany.

We eventually got around to discussing Germany, mainly because Pauline was once a ballerina in Austria and has more than a smattering of German. Personally I would like nothing more than to give the Germans a good smattering. There have been too many penalty shoot outs with England or English football teams that have not ended well. Anyway, I told her about Peachy Butterfield’s problem with parking his car in Germany (those that have not been paying attention will have to look at yesterday’s column) and she was correctly amused. Perhaps she did not say (one) way to go, but I have said it for her.

On the way back in the bus from Cannes – shortly I shall be entitled to that free bus pass for the elderly – I was looking for a photo for today and came across this one. Outside the Auberge St Donat the evening before, we had decided to reenact that epic Abbey Road Beatles cover shot across the roundabout. No, I do not know why either, but it was fun at the time.

abbey road reenacted

A walk on the wild side?

I have been reading some Grimm stories, to reacquaint myself with the Brothers fairy tales and frankly they are mostly rubbish, but That Nice Lady Decorator is fascinated by them so we must go north today to find Sleeping Beauty. I expressed the opinion that she could get that at home when I am at rest at siesta time but somehow I don’t think she shares my opinion.

Whilst she has been researching where we should go by mapping out where the various stories took place, I have been watching re-runs of Allo Allo and that classic Fawlty Towers episode with the visiting German family inorder to familiarise  nyself with German culture. I shall try not to mention the war the in the next six days, but if I do, I think I might get away with it.

If all goes according to the vague plan we have, then tomorrow we will be driving from France through Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Austria, leaving the northern front to be dealt with on Thursday. We will mass our panzers on the German border and break out on Thursday. If they question me at the check point, I shall answer the question “Occupation?” by saying “no, just for a few days”.

Thus the long trousers have been extracted from the draws, sweaters and jackets have been dusted off and suitcases packed. I have checked the snow chains are in the car as we are going almost as far north as Chester, and we all know how cold it can get as the tundra hardens up in the eternal cold. That the trip will be fun is a certainty in the mind of That Nice Lady Grimm Fairytale Lover, I have yet to be convinced. I am not a lover of sausage unless it is of an English persuasion, I don’t like schnitzel of other small dogs and I will have little time for Sour Krauts. I am also not a lover if Leibfraumilch and don’t like the idea of my beloved crushed fruit being referred to as rotwein, but I am a man and will make the best if it, but don’t expect me not to moan when things do not go to plan or I am faced with Germanic humour.

Chris France

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  1. Kathryn Soni permalink
    September 11, 2013 1:04 pm

    Lol great picture. Enjoy the trip! Kx


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