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Magnuminus lunch

September 9, 2013

For the first time since we arrived in early July, it rained. This is the south of France and it is a Sunday so it should not be allowed. Perhaps my intemperate remarks about religion yesterday were read in high places, higher than those to which I had previously aspired, and this will doubtless be the opinion of the Reverend Jeff, but of course it is only coincidence. That, and the music business deputation that has arrived in Nice from the UK to meet me for lunch to shape the future of the music industry. Yes, it is true, I must travel to Nice today to commune with the great and good in music. It will be they who I will hold responsible for bringing the poor weather from the UK

But first there is the small matter of lunch yesterday to be covered. The motley crew containing a host of the usual suspects arrived yesterday lunchtime, despite the stormy weather, headed by the redoubtable Peachy Butterfield. Yes, I have always had my doubts about him. He is always first to arrive and often (if he can persuade the saintly and gorgeous Suzanne, his wife) the last to leave. I think, given his theory that quantity is always superior to quality, if he arrives early and leaves late, he has the best chance of securing the most quantity of, well, everything. I put together a couple of extra large bottles, as my photo today shows, to try to slow the constant visits to the fridge and the wine rack, but to little avail.

St emilion lives

Some decent wines in the shadow of Chateau Manky

I cannot reveal the names of the people who “forgot” they were invited to lunch but Currencies Direct client the Master Mariner Mundell and Dangerous Jackie Lawless will no doubt be squirming when they read this. Those that did remember the invite including The Wingco, Johnny “800 years of repression” O Sullivan and his beautifully and amply endowed wife Jude, were treated to another try at That Nice Lady Decorators current favourite recipe, “beer can chicken”. I had received a number of messages and comments when the first example of chicken abuse took place last week, but it is getting worse. Yesterday there were 3 chickens that suffered the ignominy of having a beer can stuck inside them to aid the cooking process.

It seemed to go well though. I have had no reports of any injuries or illnesses resulting, and the two large bottles of wine had been consumed and more beside by late afternoon, by which time we had repaired to the pav for cheese and desert.

All morning, whilst That Nice Lady Cooking Person was preparing a table inside due to the inclement weather, I was of the (shouted down) opinion that the weather would clear and we could eat outside. Eventually, when for one of the first time in living memory, I was right, it became her idea and one that I applauded and with which I concurred. Thus outside eating order (rather than inside eating disorder) was restored.

So today, after my trip to Nice, there is the small matter of dinner in honour of The Wingco whose birthday it is this week. He is coy about his age but I would not be surprised if there was a 7 in it somewhere, although to be fair he looks in good condition for a man with such an outrageous appetite for local viticultural products. This celebration will take place after we have ceremonially allowed him to win at tennis, but only if he partners me. I am not one for this “let him win because it his birthday” brigade, unless I too benefit.

Chris France

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  1. Paul Day permalink
    September 9, 2013 5:49 pm

    Strange that you had heavy rain yesterday, Fiona and I were out for a walk in the village yesterday afternoon when the skys opened and over-powered our umbrellas. We both remarked that we hadn’t seen rain like it since we in Cannes with Otway earlie in the year. Keep up with the jolly epistles!


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