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That’s me in the corner

August 2, 2013

I once had my picture taken with REM. I said to That Nice Lady Decorator “that’s me in the corner”. Last night then to Tourette’s Sur Loup to meet old pal and drummer Jaren Lamb showcasing his new group in a splendid setting in the centre of this beautiful village. I have a picture of the event as today’s photo. Enjoying a dinner in the pretty old square, a carafe of wine and then being able to see the music from ones seat is my kind of rock and roll these days. The band were great and the girl singer exceptionally good, both vocally and performance wise. There seemed to have been a name change on the night, now being called Apetown, by an entirely undemocratic process where the first singer announced she did not like the name they had chosen (which was so complicated I have forgotten it), and announced the name when on stage, much to the chagrin of the other band members.

We went to escape the ghastly memories of the night before in Valbonne Square when I had experienced bullying, assault, and literary hooliganism at the hands of Mr Clipboard. My luxuriant handle bar mustache survived with just a little fire damage as a result of a close encounter with his lighter, and I did not want to be reminded of the ritual burning of a copy of my book The Valbonne Monologues. It was not the burning itself that upset me, it was the fact that he stole it rather than bought one to burn like he did with my first book some years ago.

Jaren Lamb on the drums

Apeland in Tourettes Sur Loup

So after a lovely evening we settled down to sleep in Bluebell the camper which I had coaxed up the hill earlier in the evening. All was well until the sun got up, so it was an early start back to Valbonne. My phone was in need to attention, hence the late post again today, I had a row with the cretins at Vodaphone who will be losing my business the moment I get back to the UK. I had thought my insurance I had with them was supposed to cover the loss or damage to my iPhone but, and here is the catch, to be able to get it repaired I have to take it into a Vodaphone shop in the UK, a trifle difficult when in France for the summer, and not exactly in touch with my green credentials, and rather too expensive and time consuming to consider flying back. How ridiculous that they would not accept a courier. However a quick trip to Cap Trois Mille, at St Laurent du Var to the Apple shop, and the problem was fixed, but the damage as far as my phone supplier is concerned has been done.

Slightly hung over I had hoped to slouch on the sofa in front of the TV watching the third test between England and Australia and to consider how best further to promote the astonishingly good foreign exchange service offered by Currencies Direct, but That Nice Lady Decorator had other ideas, and so I am about to be dragged from the comfort of my sofa to have lunch. Mind you with those convict Australians doing so well, that might be more fun. As I was able to tell my Australian pal Larry Smith; England has a glorious past, Australia just has previous.

Lunch with Roly and Poly on Saturday in temperatures forecast to be as high as 35 degrees, will make the choice of buffet food, Indian, very interesting. I love a hot curry but am not sure I want a curry when it is hot. I will let you know how it goes.

Chris France

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