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Horse seen at Tesco shock

June 9, 2013

I like horses and I like to play golf, however I do not think the two go together. Driving through the beautiful New Forest over the last couple of days, I have been struck by the sheer numbers of wild horses that roam around anywhere, kept out of the towns by cattle grids. People with houses outside the towns go to some lengths to try to keep them out of their gardens but the golf course near Brockenhurst seems to have given up. The day we arrived I saw a chap chipping his ball over two fine fillies as they nibbled at the grass around the green.

I related that story in the evening to our friendly cartographers at The Foresters Arms and they told me that sometimes the horses manage to get past the cattle grids and into the towns. He told me that at the height of the horse meat in burgers fiasco a few weeks ago, a horse had managed to get close to a local Tesco store and was looking in the window, probably in search of one of his ancestors. That would have made a great picture.

Another fabulous day of sunshine had us walking across the Forest aiming for a Fullers pub called The Oak. The trouble was that it was over 3 miles away and, knowing I would be less keen to walk that far back after several pints, we decided to turn back and drive over instead. It was the start of a slippery slope.

The Oak Inn is idyllically set in the forest with an enticing green area across the lane, and with London Pride on tap from the wood, I was in heaven. Returning to The Thatched House where we have been staying, which is pictured today, we were enticed into taking a glass of wine on their lovely leafy terrace, and of course this turned into several. There is something obvious happening here, we are making the most of the fantastic weather as it cannot last. This was brought home to me this morning as I can see it is cloudy for the first time in weeks and I think the English summer has climaxed a little early. Now where have I heard that expression before?

400 year old thatched house

400 year old thatched house

We decided to risk post siesta dinner at the Thatched, despite being told that Trip Advisor (which once fooled Sprog 1 into thinking it may be a website to aid pharmaceutical enjoyment) had a few negative reviews. The menu is quite retro and we both decided on the roasted pigeon breast, an unwise choice as it turned out. The rest of the meal was very good, with the asparagus in orange of particular note.

It seems some of the reviews of the place indicated a lack of cleanliness, but I would argue that if you are going to stay in a 400 year old house under a thatch, then you cannot expect the depth of cleanliness you would find in a modern hotel. If you want everything clean and fresh, stay somewhere else. With undulating plaster, fascinating old furnishings and lovely old fashioned period articles in the rooms, there will be dust.

So that is it, we shall be back in Arundel today, after 9 days away, and my liver at least will be pleased at the prospect of a rest this week, obviously not today because it is Sunday and according to the laws of France, Chris France that is, one must have a drink on the sabbath. From Monday onwards though, the cold draft of reality will blow in with all sorts of unpleasant side effects, like diet days and work. My music empire requires some attention and I must not neglect my duties with Currencies Direct, so nose to the grindstone (stupid expression) head down and dream of the next weekend.

Chris France

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