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Monte Carlo or bust

April 28, 2013

That Nice Lady Decorator sat in the Emergency exit seats on the plane from Gatwick to Nice complaining that it was a bit cold. I told her that she was probably in a draft as she was sitting by the door. For a brief moment I thought that the blonde gene would reign supreme but it was very brief. I was then subjected to the tractor beam of that stare that says “don’t push your luck”.

I made another faux pas when we landed at Nice airport and were held on the ground for a few moments. “Please keep your seatbelt fastened” said the female captain from the flight deck. “We have not yet parked”. I am afraid that I was guilty of suggesting that she was swapping seats with her male co pilot, Reginald Molehusband, who was going to park the plane for her. More tractor beams enschewed.

Arriving in Monaco in late afternoon there was barely time to get to the Meridian Plage Hotel and change before it was off to the famous Hotel du Paris for a champagne reception, the start of the festivities for the wife of the Naked Politicians hand brake, the exquisite and petite Dawn and her significant birthday celebrations.

Over 70 revellers were gathered in one if the plushest and most prestigious hotels in the world to start proceedings which were to set the scene for what was to become one of the most lavish, varied and thoughtfully prepared events to which I have ever been invited.

Next, to the Buddah Bar for dinner in one if the most beautiful restaurant surroundings I have ever seen, but just when you think that the food cannot match up to the environment, we were shown the menu of mainly Asian fusion dishes, a style of food which happens to be a personal favourite. Some time was spent choosing what we should order from a superb range of options, when suddenly the waiters came and took the menus away. There could only be one explanation; we were getting all of it!

The whole thing was fabulous. I am not just saying this because it was free, it was one if the best meals I have ever had, and I mean ever. The fact that they wee catering for 70 odd people at the same time only underlines just how good it was.

Later still a visit to the Casino was washed out, for me at least, due to irksome rain and with the music gradually increasing in volume and reducing in quality, I retired with Simon “Chateau Gloria” Howes to the terrace to smoke a cigar and consider proceedings, which meant keeping an eye on all the pretty young fillies, some of whom were not on the game, keeping an eye out for the Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, and Bentley’s arriving in order to know whom to target.

dark beach

Meridian Plage at 2am

Later still we drifted up the road to Jimmy’z for dancing. Musically it was a different era to that enjoyed by TNLD, so after she had pointed out loudly to anybody who would listen, and many who did not wish to, that their musical offering might be somewhat enhanced by some Rolling Stones or something emanating more from a rock and roll standpoint, I decided to extract her and return to The Meridian, where she relaxed gradually over a gin and tonic (at 26 euros ( around £21 at today’s Currencies Direct exchange rates) whilst I partook a of another Monte Christo No 2 on the beach terrace watching the moon go down over the sea as today’s picture fails to capture in all its glory.

It is now all over and after a sumptuous breakfast it will be back to Gatwick Airport, gateway to the south, and reality, which comprises the contemplation of the diet days to come in the week ahead. I hate reality.

Chris France

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  1. April 28, 2013 6:40 pm

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