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Slightly less Wild Willy Barrett

April 18, 2013

Arriving in late afternoon in readiness for last night performance in Chichester of that Wild Willy Barrett performance at Chichester Inn, gave that Nice Lady Decorator an early evening opportunity for some retail therapy.  Like many men, I detest shopping, at least the way women usually undertake it. A list of requirements, an organised search, swift execution, that is when shopping can be acceptable. The problem with the entire female species is that in general all the above criteria elude them. The only thing to which to look forward when shopping with women, and in common with my last sentence is just that, a swift execution.

Of course that seldom comes, so one dies death by a thousand shops, each different one visited taking interminably longer than the previous. It is like a time tardis in reverse. Time seems to take so much longer to pass by. I think I need to go and see a Doctor Who can help.

Eventually, after several decades of shopping, we checked in at The Ship at Chichester and then went in search of a pre show pint and bite to eat. We settled on the Park Tavern for two reasons; it is a Fullers pub which means it was serving London Pride, and it overlooked the park where cricket was being played, a quintessentially English scene highlighted by the few people watching togged up in coats, hats and mufflers. Spring in England has arrived. From there to a quaint Indian restaurant next door to the gig before donning the crash helmets and going to the show.

Sparsely attended but brilliantly entertaining, we stayed for both sets despite expecting to leave mid-way through.  Wild often likes to use his talent in strange ways, but it turned out to be the best thing he has done without Otway since about 1976. Called Wild Willy Barrett’s French Connection, a cellist, a percussionist doubling as a bagpipe player, the sublime talents of Wild on guitar, fiddle and banjo and the wonderful Piaf like voice of his French singer Marie-Laure combined into an eclectic and entertaining mix ranging from blues to bluegrass. Wonderful.

chichester inn

Wild Willy Barrett and his French Connection

I can smell that breakfast nestling in the frying pan and so as soon as I have finished enthralling you with my prose, mentioned the wonderful benefits of opening a foreign exchange account with Currencies Direct, and said my goodbyes to the charming town, it will be back to Arundel to prepare for being filmed.

It seems that my (vital) part in Otway The Movie needs some expansion ahead of its showing at the Cannes Film Festival next month, and there is an issue with continuity due to the exaggerated growth of my very fine handlebar moustache since the first filming took place early last year. The director, Steve “chimney” Barker has suggested they film at our house with me in my smoking jacket enjoying a Monte Christo no 2 with a log fire for background, obviously because he thinks he will be able smoke whilst filming. I have sought a facility or location fee as I believe is normal when one is allowing filming on private property and have been told to put it on my bill. This would be the bill that remains unpaid since 1972 when I paid for Mr Otway’s first recording in Maidenhead.

Then it will be Friday and the start of the weekend so, at this stage, I cannot see an opportunity for a second day of dietary distress this week, however it cannot be ruled out as it is not normally a decision I am allowed to make.

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    April 18, 2013 11:08 am

    Good to hear the boy done good. Will try to catch it sometime. Are all the musicians French or just the singer ?


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