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Entails or entrails?

April 11, 2013

As the rain sluiced down yesterday afternoon, and we built the fire up a little higher, as the new boiler does not arrive until tomorrow, meaning no heating and no hot water, I dreamt of Valbonne. We leave tomorrow and one person, who shall remain nameless but I shall call him Mr Clipboard, suggested that flying to France to avoid an unheated, hot water-free weekend was a bit excessive. Merely good timing I told him, and my fingers are firmly crossed that I am right and it will be warm, as indeed it should be by now

I have packed some redundant (whilst living in England) items of clothing that used to be called shorts. I still have a number of pairs of these which, in case you have never seen them, are like proper trousers, but cut off half way down. Obviously they are unusable in the current climate over here but I keep them for sentimental reasons.

The party, which is the reason for our trip over the long weekend, is being staged by loveable Essex wide boy Wayne Brown, from Red Radish catering, to celebrate a significant birthday for his partner, the lovely, very beautiful and petite Lucy Bird (yes, her real name) whom we all call “The Runner”. This refers not only to her love of running, including marathons, but has other connotations. All the party goers including many old pals from the south of France, are hoping she does not leave the starting blocks again before the weekend. I have been told by both that they will marry this year, but I shall not be buying a new hat until the morning of the proposed event in case that starting pistol sounds in her mind again.

Picture of Arundel

Arundel, when it is not rainng

Today’s picture is another view of the splendid town of Arundel., although not taken yesterday because the weather was foul. It is a wonderful place to live if one is, as is my lot this year, forced to endure the weather in England. but there are signs of improvement as I had only to wear one coat and fleece on my walk yesterday, obviously plus the waterproofs, but this is a marked step forward and is probably as good as it gets in high summer in Yorkshire. Steve”yeah yeah yeah” Jackson will know what I mean.

There is a diversity of pubs in the town and although we do not regularly frequent it, we have a plan to go this evening, on a pre-holiday celebration, to The Red Lion on the High Street to sample their Thai Night. I have not before attempted to combine my favourite food with my favourite beer, Fullers London Pride, as the opportunities are scarce so tonight will be a first, unless we are blown off our intended course

Talking of holidays, it will be quite short, just three full days,.  It is only the second of the year (after the mercy dash for sunshine in Tenerife in January). I hear you say “but you keep going away”, but this has been mostly for business and once for a purgatory cleansing. Cannes was work – The festival of MIDEM is the pre-eminent music business conference in the world,.  The launch of my second book, The Valbonne Monologues inspired by my work with Currencies Direct. could hardly take place anywhere else but Valbonne, thus it was a business trip, a fact with which I sense the usual disagreement with my accountant. Similarly, the trip to Meribel with some Currencies Direct clients could hardly be described as relaxing. and not for that matter was the cleansing purgatory that is a visit to Yorkshire and all the ancient culinary delights that such a visit entails (or should I say entrails?).

So wish me Bon voyage. I know you will all agree that I have earned a short break.

Chris France

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